Use those Summertime photos in your marketing

summer time marketing pictures


Posting pictures helps to humanize your brand and increases interest. People like pictures so post as many as you can…with or without clever descriptions

Here’s some Facebook photo stats provided by Kissmetrics that will blow your mind. Posts with pictures get:

  • 53% more likes
  • 104% more comments
  • 84% higher click-through rates

Are you having a creative block? Here’s our blog on what types of images are perfect for engaging your readers.

Shorter posts also get 63% more engagement

Remember that meaningful, self explanatory pictures are best, because our audience has limited attention spans. Readers appreciate a clever message that can be delivered quickly and tell us what we need to know without taking up too much of our time.

Summer is a time when everyone wants to think about relaxing, vacations, beaches, boundless energy, all- day fun and happiness.  Smartphone technology makes it possible for us to snap photos and share them in an instant. With that in mind, what types of photos would work well to help drive your summertime marketing promotions?

  • Picture of something  ice cold and refreshing during a heatwave
  • Pictures that can only be taken during the summer — i.e. a sunset over a 6-foot high corn stalks, a child splashing in a public fountain, traffic backed up at a highway beach exits, etc.
  • Ask your followers and fans to share THEIR summer time photos on your timelines.  People love to share their pics, and they love getting “likes” even more.

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