Requesting LinkedIn Recommendations

So, you need customer recommendations on your LinkedIn Company page. How do you go about getting them?

Step 1:

You can ask for recommendations from customers by clicking on the “Request recommendations” tab in each service page (see pic below). You have the authority to delete, or respond to any recommendations left on your page.

LinkedIn Recommendations

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Step 2:

In your request, you should include the following information:

• Explain why you are seeking a recommendation. Something along the lines of:

“We’re trying to add more details to our company page and would love it if you could write a brief recommendation about our website services.”

• Tell them what you’re hoping to specifically get from them, so they don’t have to spend a ton of time thinking of what to write.

“We know you’ve been happy with search traffic doubling on your new site, and we would love to showcase this success story.”

• Explain why you are reaching out to specific recipient – so they feel the request is specific to them, and not something you are asking of just any one.

“We are particularly proud of the work that went into the design of your website, specifically the creative usage of your company logo as a backdrop on the homepage.”

• Offer helpful information they can use to write an off-the-cuff recommendation.

“Perhaps you could write about how satisfied you were when we were able to launch your new site a week ahead of schedule, and how many new clients you received the first month after the re-design?”

• Offer them a deadline, so the recommendation gets completed in a timely manner.

“We’d love it if your recommendation could be posted by next Friday — in time to include an invitation to our LinkedIn page in the company newsletter.”

You can also respond to recommendations, by thanking the person and commenting that you are grateful they were satisfied with your services.

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Your LinkedIn Company Page Needs This…

Your LinkedIn Company Page is only as useful as the people who view it. We’ve already discussed what components you need to build a complete page. However, one key element you shouldn’t overlook happens to be one that you can’t write yourself: the customer recommendation.

Customer recommendations on LinkedIn are vital in establishing credibility within your industry. An honest and detailed testimonial from real clients will increase the likelihood of new buyers wanting your products or services.

It will also help increase your visibility & overall brand awareness because customer recommendations are shared with the author’s entire LinkedIn network. When satisfied clients attest to your company’s abilities, it gives someone with no knowledge of your reputation and services more insight into what your business can do well.

Ideally, your customer recommendations will be concise and honest. They shouldn’t sound too much like a publicist wrote them or it won’t come across as legitimate. Don’t worry if something isn’t grammatically perfect, because people relate more to a testimonial when it sounds more like spoken words.

The recommendations should also be specific to your products and services, instead of just saying, “This is a great company” and leaving it at that. Also, your recommendations should come from real people, not just an anonymous profile. This can look contrived and dishonest.

For this and more tips on why you need customer recommendations on your LinkedIn Company page, visit our website.

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For this and more tips on how to improve your LinkedIn Company page and overall internet marketing strategy, contact Einstein Marketing Group today!

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3 Mistakes on your LinkedIn Company Page

Is your LinkedIn Company Page stuck in the past? LinkedIn has made so many great updates to the design of their Company Pages in recent years to improve the layout and viewer experience. However, many businesses still have not gotten on board to take advantage of the most recent enhancements.

Prehistoric LinkedIn Company Page

Are your networking tactics stuck in the past?

Make sure you aren’t making any of these three common mistakes. Stop you hindering your social media marketing strategy by ignoring all of the great page tools available:

You aren’t utilizing all of the Company Page features
If your business page consists of just name, description and contact information then you are missing out on a lot of amazing features.

Did you know? Now you can add cover-style image to the front page to showcase your business/brand.

Did you know? There is a place on the services tab where you can include custom banner-ads to link wherever you want –like back to your homepage, or social media sites

Did you know? LinkedIn allows you target your service pages and Company updates to a select audience.

Are you even sharing frequent Company updates?

You have not keyword-optimized your Company Page
Treat your LinkedIn company page like you do the company website – include keywords about your products and services to ensure you show up in the top of search results. After all, if potential customers and business partners cannot find you on LinkedIn, then what is the point of being there?

Your employees don’t know the Company Page exists

The best initial way to let others know about your Company Page is to have your employees connected to it. Remember, that your employees probably have hundreds connections who will check out their profile, and naturally this leads visitors back to your Company Page.

So, the first step to building an audience is to make sure your employees are on board and in sync with the business updates. Their profiles should not only include keywords about their skills and abilities, but also link directly back to the Company Page.

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