Visual Trends in PR

lightbox imageHow many times have you been looking at something online or in a printed document and an image caught your attention and made you stop and read what was going on or what the image was about? How many times have you skipped something completely because it didn’t have an image to break up the words or because there just wasn’t anything to really catch your interest?

If you aren’t using visuals in your marketing and public relations, then, unfortunately, you are missing an opportunity to catch the attention of a potential customer.

We have become a visually stimulated society. Brighter images. Bigger images. Large numbers of images. We love them. Infographics on Pinterest are very popular because they sum up an entire topic and/or pages of research into a concise and often entertaining visual.

PR NEWS advises that using visuals in PR is a growing trend for 2015. In a recent article on their website, they state that press releases, which are usually free of images unless it is a business logo, will evolve to include visual content to be more stimulating. The same article also goes on to state that video budgets will increase in 2015 as professionals strive to get their message across in ways that are more visual, like educational and informative videos. Many marketing agencies are producing quick value-added videos and clips to help their businesses promote services and products.

Meltwater.com chimes in with their own take on using the visual in PR – specifically, social media PR. They advise that adding attractive, relevant and compelling images to your social media campaigns will increase your exposure. Think of the routine status update on Facebook. You could post that you were launching a new product, all-text, and possibly get a few likes. However, if you post a photo of the new product along with the text, interest will increase and you have the possibility of more likes. Photos in a newsfeed make people stop and look. Words… not so much.

If you are unsure as to how to boost your public relations presence using visuals, we can help. How many is too many? How do you pick the right image to convey a message? When and where do you use them?

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Marketing Budget categories you can’t ignore

Creating the perfect marketing budget is becoming a more complicated process each and every year. There are so many aspects to consider when trying to determine where those almighty dollars should go.

Marketers have to consider future costs for: website design, PPC, sponsorships, social media initiatives, market research, PR, traditional marketing and so much more. The good news is, we now have more sophisticated analytical tools than ever at our fingertips, and that makes it’s easier to determine where your biggest ROI has been.

While some of these categories may be subjective depending on your market and objectives, we think there are some line items that should be a priority in EVERY marketer’s 2014 budget.  They are:

Content Development


Analysis software

Getting your business found on search engines is a MUST in 2014. In recent years, changes to Google algorithms have been an SEO game-changer. Now, to continue ranking high in the SERPS you must to have great content, PERIOD. And that means putting dollars towards getting it.

Marketers need good content

Content development should be a huge priority in 2014

Another priority should be SEO. While this area of marketing is in the same family as content development, we consider it a separate budget category because there are other elements that go into it. For example, you have to paying a web developer to make sure your site pages are optimized, and use a strategist who knows the best keywords to implement in social profiles. There’s also the time and research it takes to learn how to maximize new social sharing channels, and the latest option for marketers to now purchase paid/boosted status updates.

You also have to consider what analysis software to purchase for 2014. The free stuff, like Google Analytics, is great. However, you might also need to upgrade your email newsletter service provider package to include more files and attachments, or to get better metrics on click reports. You might also need to upgrade any LinkedIn accounts to get a better idea of how many people are viewing your profile.

So, what do you think are the biggest budget priorities for marketers in 2014?

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Struggling to Come Up with Blog Posts?

Most SEO experts know that a great way to make your websites improve in rankings is to write frequent blog posts. For those businesses who are struggling to come up with new topics every week, this is the blog for you.

First, if you have trouble brainstorming on new blog post ideas, try to simplify it by building your blog topics around these three subjects: lists, company info, or hot topics.

The Keys to Writing Good Blogs

Click to Enlarge

Lists are a great way to make referrals of products or give a step-by-step instruction on something. It will help establish your business as the experts in the field, and give you credibility with the clients. Your lists can be as detailed as “Top 10 Best Small Businesses on Social Media.” Or, you could write a short list, like the “Top 3 FAQ’s From Our Customers.”

Company Info blog posts are a great way to humanize your business and convey the culture of the workplace to your readers and potential customers. You could blog about exceptional employees or recent honorees of outstanding service awards. You could also highlight a company milestone or an anniversary. It’s also a great forum to introduce new products and services, or include a customer testimonial. Readers will enjoy the extra insight into your business.

Writing about hot topics is a way to make your business seem relevant in today’s times. Is there a topic trending on social media that relates to your products and services? Perhaps there have been recent events in the news that you can elaborate on because of the nature of your business. You could also blog about industry-related news stories, especially if it’s something people seem interested in reading more about.

Brainstorming on blog topics shouldn’t be painstaking. Keep your post topics interesting enough to spark an interest from readers, and just try to build on ideas where you are already an expert on the subject. Remember that your goal is to increase brand awareness, establish a rapport with your clients, and bring in new customers from the web.

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How Blogs Can Help Your Online Marketing Strategy

Are you currently maximizing the potential of your website blog? Did you know that a frequently updated blog is a very useful internet marketing tool? Keyword-dense blogs optimize SEO, which will drive traffic to your site and help to boost sales. If you only occasionally update blog posts and struggle to think of original ideas for content, then it might be time to consider outsourcing blog services.

A business blog is a great marketing tool because you are talking directly to you customers, and showing them that you are the expert in your field. This also helps to humanize your business. Frequently sharing information with clients about your products, services, and experiences is also a great way to build a loyal following. Your audience will also find your business to be more credible if the blog content is current and gets updated on a regular basis.

A blog also aids your social media marketing strategy because the content you post can be posted, tweeted, and linked across multiple accounts. If the posts are compelling enough, there’s a good chance they will be “shared”, “liked” and “re-tweeted,” which will only boost your overall website traffic.

Blogs are also a great forum for getting feedback from clients. You can pose questions to your audience and get their take on new products, services, or opinions on topics related to your field of business.

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2013 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions

Have you considered how to make 2013 your most profitable year, yet? Whether it’s hammering your grass-roots efforts, or stepping-up your internet marketing strategies, now is the time to set your New Year’s marketing resolutions. Here are a few suggestions from Einstein Marketing Group:

1. Commit to Taking Your Website Mobile. There are over a billion smartphones being used every day throughout the world. A recent study found that 22% of all web traffic is now done on mobile devices. Need we say more? Make 2013 is the year you ensure your website is being seen by every device with web capabilities.

2. Step Up Your Social Media Game. So your business has an account on Twitter and Facebook. Are you doing enough to gain more followers and likes? Are you regularly posting updates or offers on your pages? Have you joined the 11 million American’s on Pinterest, or the nearly 200 million LinkedIn users? Did you know that increasing your reach on social media will increase your website traffic, and help drive sales?

3. Think Outside the Box. Is this the year you add online videos or a public relations campaign to your marketing efforts? Will you purchase some radio/TV advertising? You might even consider forming a new marketing partnership in 2013 to increase brand visibility, website traffic, and reduce marketing costs.

4. Out with the Old, In With the New. Have you done a recent SEO audit on your company’s website? It’s important to make sure your site is actually ranking for searches to determine if the content is relevant to what consumers are searching for. Does your company logo also need an update? What about those old promotional items or business cards?

5. Back to Basics. Despite all of the latest technology, there is strong evidence that direct mail marketing campaigns are still the number one way to reach consumers. In order stay fresh and current, you should add the latest elements such as coupon QR codes and personalized URLs.

What are you waiting for? 2013 is here, so don’t waste a minute letting the competition out-sell you. Let Einstein Marketing Group know how we can help with your New Year’s Marketing goals!

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Five small biz marketing trends for 2013

The world of internet marketing has changed the game across all industries, particularly small businesses. As they strive to keep up with an ever-changing digital landscape, here are five small business trends to watch for in 2013.

1. No more boring websites. Your website can no longer remain stagnant and unchanging. It must have fresh content on it, and a continually revisited purpose driving it. It is not a virtual sign for your business; it is an online customer service resource, among other things.
2. SEO is your responsibility. The SEO game is changing as well, as search engines have gotten much more advanced. Keyword stuffing and inflated hyperlinks will no longer keep your site on top; in fact such tactics might have the opposite effect. It’s your job as a small business owner to stay abreast of these changes and continually work to optimize your website.
3. Support mobile visitors. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the future of business is mobile. People are on their smart phones and tablets all the time, it’s what they’re using to search for businesses around them, get answers and buy things on the spot. You need to be there with them, or you’ll be left behind.
4. Email marketing lives on. Don’t believe those who say you can’t send out emails anymore. Having an opt-in email list gives you a high-quality list of potential and past customers who are already interested in what you’re selling. This is a valuable list, and catering to them in the form of e-newsletters, special deals and other treats will enhance your bottom line.
5. Get professional. Small business owners often find themselves wearing many hats. But it’s OK to admit you don’t understand all there is to know about SEO, or you’re not an adept social media marketing expert. Hire the right people to write quality blog posts, optimize your site, and connect with readers on social media outlets. You won’t regret it.

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Marketing & SEO: Three tips to make sure you’re searchable

Searching, searching, searching:  If there’s one thing we do on the Internet, it’s search. We search for answers, places, scores, people, anything and everything. So it makes sense that in order to make your business thrive in the digital age, you must make sure your business, your brand, your location, and your products are as easy to find online as they possibly can be. Here are three tips to get you started:

  1. Make sure the title tag of your homepage combines your company name with your most likely keywords, preferably in 70 characters or less. (To check your homepage title tag, hover your mouse over the tab at the top of your browser or right-click on the page, select “view page source,” and search for the word “title.”)
  2. Make sure your site is searchable by search engines. This goes beyond using SEO. You also need to make sure search engines are seeing your website correctly. You can use something like Google Webmaster Tools to do this. Once you have it set up, you can use their “Health” features such as “crawl errors,” “fetch as Google” and “index status” to make sure all of your intended content is visible to the engine.
  3. Make sure your site is searchable. You need to make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for on your website. The easiest way to do this is by including a site search feature. Many website and weblog building sites have this option but many businesses fail to use it.

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Marketing survey finds many increasing internet marketing budgets for 2013

Webmarketing 123’s latest State of Digital Marketing 2012 report gives the industry a clearer picture of how and where both B2B and B2C marketers are focusing their social media efforts. According to the survey, which drew on responses from more than 500 marketers, SEO is the highest priority among marketers these days. Other findings include:

  • The No. 1 objective of B2B internet marketing programs is to generate leads, whereas the top priority among B2C marketers is to increase awareness.
  • The biggest impact on lead generation for both types of marketers is SEO.
  • Forty-one percent of marketers say they’ve increased their budget for SEO efforts in 2013.
  • Forty-four percent say they’ve increased their budget for social media in 2013.
  • Companies using an outside agency for their marketing efforts were twice as likely to be highly satisfied with their SEO marketing program.
  • Sixty-three percent of B2Bs are engaged in social media, compared to 70 percent of B2Cs.
  • Both types of marketers spend the most on Facebook (40 percent for B2Bs, 65 percent for B2Cs). LinkedIn and Twitter are also high on the list.
  • For lead generation and sales generation, LinkedIn is king among B2B marketers (44 percent have generated leads, 23 percent have generated sales). For B2C marketers, Facebook holds the top spot (67 percent have generated leads on Facebook, and 39 percent have generated sales).

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