Visual Trends in PR

lightbox imageHow many times have you been looking at something online or in a printed document and an image caught your attention and made you stop and read what was going on or what the image was about? How many times have you skipped something completely because it didn’t have an image to break up the words or because there just wasn’t anything to really catch your interest?

If you aren’t using visuals in your marketing and public relations, then, unfortunately, you are missing an opportunity to catch the attention of a potential customer.

We have become a visually stimulated society. Brighter images. Bigger images. Large numbers of images. We love them. Infographics on Pinterest are very popular because they sum up an entire topic and/or pages of research into a concise and often entertaining visual.

PR NEWS advises that using visuals in PR is a growing trend for 2015. In a recent article on their website, they state that press releases, which are usually free of images unless it is a business logo, will evolve to include visual content to be more stimulating. The same article also goes on to state that video budgets will increase in 2015 as professionals strive to get their message across in ways that are more visual, like educational and informative videos. Many marketing agencies are producing quick value-added videos and clips to help their businesses promote services and products.

Meltwater.com chimes in with their own take on using the visual in PR – specifically, social media PR. They advise that adding attractive, relevant and compelling images to your social media campaigns will increase your exposure. Think of the routine status update on Facebook. You could post that you were launching a new product, all-text, and possibly get a few likes. However, if you post a photo of the new product along with the text, interest will increase and you have the possibility of more likes. Photos in a newsfeed make people stop and look. Words… not so much.

If you are unsure as to how to boost your public relations presence using visuals, we can help. How many is too many? How do you pick the right image to convey a message? When and where do you use them?

Contact us and we will help you create a visually stunning public relations plan that will make heads turn.

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Marketing on Pinterest

What started off as a social media site for sharing ideas in the form of pictures has now become a must-have marketing tool for businesses. Pinterest is now the single fastest-growing social network and boasts over 70 million users.


You should know that a 2012 study by Bizrate Insights found the site is now more effective at driving sales than the world’s largest social network, Facebook. How much more effective? Well, a jewelry company named Bottica found users visiting their site from Pinterest spent an average of $180, as compared to visitors from Facebook spent an average of only $85.


Here’s what you also need to know about using the site as a marketing tool: 

Image is everything.

Even if your business is more service than product-based, you still need to create interesting visuals that will generate traffic and increase brand awareness.


So, what are images you can use that will help you create interesting pins and generate interest in your company?


First, look at your logos. If your company offers coaching or email marketing, you should have a colorful logo attached to that service.


Secondly, think about turning what you do into an infographic. Email marketing provider Constant Contact has a pinboard dedicated solely to infographics.  These types of images are extremely popular on Pinterest. The more useful and interesting, the more likely to get “liked” and “repinned.”


Other ideas for pin-able content include: humorous cartoons illustrating something about your industry, photos linked to blog posts, graphs showing market research, inspirational quotes, or funny memes.


Check out some of the images we’ve used to pin our own blog posts here.


Adding a pin description and link description is also a critical marketing component on the site. Pinterest works with searchable hashtags and keywords, so label accordingly.


So, take advantage of the powerhouse that is Pinterest by creating multiple boards of visually pleasing pins that will extend the reach of your company today. The site also offers page analytics for businesses to help you determine which content is driving the most traffic to your site. Experiment with different ideas, and then figure out which content is working the best.


For this and more information about marketing your business on Pinterest, please contact the experts at Einstein Marketing Group today!


Amazing Pinterest Statistics


Here are some more amazing factoids about Pinterest:


  • Over 70 million total
  • More than 2/3 of all users are women
  • Number of business accounts: 500k
  • 37% of users are between the ages of 21-30

Popularity of Pages:

  • LL Bean’s “Woodland Creatures” board: 4.8 million followers
  • Purex “Purex Promotions” board: over 5k comments (Contest driven)
  • 3/5 of boards with the “most repins” are food-related


  • Pinterest now drives 3x more traffic referrals than Twitter
  • The site is now valued at $3.8 billion


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Secret to Business Success on Pinterest

Want to know how the best companies market their products and services on Pinterest? We’re breaking down how the most popular brands have used the site to build huge followings:


Board with most repins: Better Homes and Gardens “Recipes We Love

The reason pinners love it: The content of this board is perfect for the way the site works.  Virtual “pinning” is a much more functional way of filing and organizing recipes than the old fashion method of stuffing hand-written cards and torn out magazine pages into a box.

Apply this tip to your business: Online marketers know that content is always king. Create pins that are useful to your audience so they’ll be more inclined to click an re-pin for later.


Board with most followers: LL Bean’s “Woodland Creatures

The reason pinners love it: This board is an anomaly because it is less about product, and more about photos of cute, cuddly animals. But most importantly, it says so much about the brand. LL Bean is based in Maine, and the board started out as a forum for sharing pictures of wildlife found in the backyards of this region.  The virality of the board helps drive loads of traffic back to the LL Bean website.

Apply this tip to your business:  Think outside the box. Sometimes your brand isn’t just about what products you sell, but it’s giving people a deeper, more meaningful look into what inspires you. Get your audience inspired as well.


Board with most likes: Swarovski’s “Wedded Bliss

The reason pinners love it: 93% of Pinterest’s users are women, and diamonds (among other sparkly things) are a woman’s best friend, right? This board is full of beautiful images featuring a large variety of anything and everything wedding-related — from hairclips, dresses, cakes, flowers, necklaces and much more.  Swarovski also places the Wedded Bliss board first in the lineup on the company’s Pinterest page to get more exposure.

Apple this to your business: You must use great pictures to have a shot at marketing success on Pinterest. Also, be mindful of how you organize your boards and offer great variety in the photographs. The Wedded Bliss board doesn’t just feature pictures of Swarovski crystal products – it features images of beautiful things related to the products to get pinners inspired.


For this and more tips on incorporating Pinterest into your marketing plan this quarter, please contact Einstein Marketing Group today!