5 Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

maximize linkedin

Back to school means back to work! Gear up for fall networking events by ensuring you are using LinkedIn to your advantage.

1. Backdrop:
◦ Change your backdrop regularly to tie into a promotion or seasonal offering
◦ Add a headline – be sure to include a keyword

2. Summary:
◦ This should be your elevator pitch (why someone should choose you/your company)
◦ Always include a call-to-action
◦ If possible, add video

3. Work Description:
◦ Shouldn’t be a resume
◦ Use this area to talk about the company

4. Personal Note to Contacts:
◦ Customize a personal note instead of using a template

5. InMail:
◦ Instead of sending inmail to contact people you don’t know you can join a group they belong to and will be able to send them a message without using Inmail

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Managing those exaggerated LinkedIn endorsements


LinkedIn endorsements are a great way to show off the variety of skills your’ve acquired in the workplace.  However, sometimes we get endorsed for random skills that we never knew we had…and skills we’ve never actually learned.

This is one of the  flaws with LinkedIn’s profile Endorsement feature. Since most of us want to keep our profiles accurate, we hope to be endorsed for skills that are actually relevant to what we do for a living. Unfortunately,  sometimes LinkedIn politely suggests our colleagues endorse us for skills that are not quite on the mark.

Here’s how to deal with those endorsements that might be a slight exaggerations of the truth.

First, make sure you’ve completed the “skills” section yourself with the keywords that best fit your abilities. LinkedIn is about establishing your credibility in the workplace, so it’s up to you to get the ball rolling with selecting the correct skills’ descriptions that will be prominently featured.

LinkedIn endorsements

You can also go through your profile every so often and remove skills that are not a match to your experience. Some colleagues will inadvertently just click on whatever tag word LinkedIn suggests, and perhaps they don’t realize it’s actually not something in your repertoire. Thankfully, LinkedIn offers a “Manage Endorsements” option that allows you to show/hide whichever skills you choose. It’s important to review this every so often for accuracy.

Lastly, make sure you return the favor to your own connections. Don’t endorse someone for a skill if you aren’t sure they possess it. Just because LinkedIn suggests it, doesn’t mean it fits. Guessing doesn’t do much for your own credibility, and your colleagues won’t appreciate having to go the extra step to edit/hide/amend their own profile, either.

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Networking Do’s

This month, we’re discussing all the ways you can use social media to nurture your online relationships with business contacts. Last week we gave you our list of “Networking Don’ts. This week, we’re giving you our top 3 tips for improving your online networking:

Start a group
The beauty of taking your networking contacts online is then having the ability to engage in conversation from anywhere, at anytime. You can start a group on several major social forums – such as LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook — and invite people in your network to join and contribute. It’ s a great way to share ideas, plan in-person gatherings, and keep up with everyone’s projects.

Have a purpose
Decide what it is you can accomplish from having online connections. Don’t just connect as a way to grow numbers, but offer no benefit to others. Are you going to be sharing information in your feeds that will be useful your contacts? Are you trying to connect with more professionals in a target area? Does the other person have something that your business might need in the future?


What is the purpose of online networking?

It helps to organize your connections by industry, region, or expertise so that you can make your interactions more suitable to each person’s background. For example, if are planning to share your email newsletters with a certain field of individuals or if want feedback from a poll you’re conducting.

Know the Social Media best practices
Using social media for business purposes is much different than using it for personal reasons.

First, you never want your posts to sound anything less than positive. Trashing your competition or discuss negative topics is a no-no. Also, talking about things other than your business – like politics, religion, or television shows – is not professional. Know your audience and engage them in topics relevant as to why they should be interested in your business.

Also, make sure you profile is complete. Having an egg photo as your user picture on Twitter is a turnoff. So is ignoring your following. If customers comment or ask a question, make sure you are responding in a timely manner. Being on social media means you want to be social. So “like”, “retweet”, “share”, and comment often.

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Networking Don’ts

If you are planning to network this fall at a convention, mixer, or Google+ hangout, here’s our list of things you should definitely NOT do:

1. Don’t oversell your business – Networking isn’t just about looking for people you can make money off of. It’s about introducing yourself to others as a person, and not just sizing others up for profits.

2. Don’t say nothing – If you’re shy, then you might as well stay home. Or close up shop. Business owners cannot afford to be a wallflower. Be outgoing and strike up a conversation! No one will remember you for being too quiet, but they will remember you if you share something interesting.

Business Networking

Make the most of business networking opportunities

3. Don’t get too personal on social media – While we encourage you to network on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and all other social media channels — especially after an in-person introduction– we also want to remind you to keep it professional. LinkedIn updates shouldn’t be politically charged rants or selfie photos of you tailgating at a football game.

4. Don’t Talk Trash – You want to make yourself (and ultimately your business) look good. The way to doing that is not to degrade others. If there’s someone at an event you aren’t fond of, keep it to yourself. If someone asks you about a previous employer, don’t start telling them what an awful person he was (even if it’s true). Make the conversation light, and most importantly: keep it positive.

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