What Kind of Marketing is Right For Your Business?

Do you know what kind of marketing you should be doing based on your business model, goals and culture?

It’s definitely not an easy question; in fact, it stumps many business owners.  For instance, should you be engaging in online social marketing?  (Chances are good the answer is yes, by the way… although you may have to vary the frequency, locations, etc.)  Should you add print marketing?  How about radio/television marketing?  What about grassroots marketing or guerilla marketing?

If you’re not certain what kind of marketing to choose, it’s time to begin putting together a comprehensive strategy.  And if you don’t have a marketing plan, we suggest you avoid doing any marketing until you know which method is going to work best for your organization’s needs.

And, as always, if you’d like to learn more about how marketing can work for you, contact us.  We’d love to help you bring your ideas to life with great marketing tactics!

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FACEBOOK – What It Is, What It Isn’t

Once the realm of teens and young people to catch up with each other, Facebook has taken off beyond anyone’s expectations… except perhaps the founder of FB, Mark Zuckerberg.  Once businesses and professionals realized the power of the social media marketing networking tool, it really caught fire.

Today, there are 600+ million users on Facebook, some much more active than others.  And that makes it an attractive social media marketing locale for companies of all sizes.

The inherent problem, of course, is that like all social media marketing platforms, Facebook isn’t necessarily the end-all, be-all.  Sure, there are 600+ million people out there using it, but that doesn’t mean they’ll ever cross your path.  Nor does it mean that you will get them to “like” your business.

Facebook users are highly selective about which organizations’ pages they will “like”.  After all, by “liking” something, they’re essentially telling their FB friends, “Hey, I support this company and what it offers.”  This is the reason that, for many companies, it can be tough to get even 100 followers.

Another issue with FB as a social media marketing tool is that you have to have uber-creative, compelling content.  It’s not enough to talk about yourself or your business all the time; you have to give FB users a reason to keep coming back.  And that takes some serious marketing savvy.

So how do you overcome these problems?  Try the following ways as starting points:

1.  Have a plan:  Using Facebook for your social media marketing in a vacuum or “once in a while” just won’t work.  So you have to develop a plan for how you’re going to use it.

2.  Write Awesome Content:  If that’s not your forte, find someone who CAN write for FB.  Yes, you’ll pay to outsource this task, but if you choose well, your investment will pay for itself.

3.  Spread the Love:  Don’t make your FB page too self-congratulatory or self-absorbed.  If you’re only talking about you, you, you (or your business), it won’t be enough to get people to “like” your page.

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