Graphic Design: What your logo’s hue says about you

While it takes 90 seconds for a viewer to make a decision about your brand or product, it takes a mere 3 seconds for them to be interested. That’s right: 3 seconds (especially in website design). In order to make the most of that tiny fraction of an impression, it’s essential that all the elements of good logo design are working to your favor. One big element is color.

Everyone’s personal tastes differ when it comes to favorite colors and shades that make them feel good, but generally speaking there are certain colors that have the same effect on all of us.

For example, the color blue instills the idea of trust and commitment, rest and relaxation. If your business wants a logo that displays dependability, or if your business is stable and trustworthy, then blue should be the dominant color used to express these ideals. Conversely, the color yellow invokes optimism and energy, enlightenment and happiness. Variations of yellow are used in vintage or nostalgic logos or graphics because it activates the memory.

If you’re searching for the right colors to use in a new logo or website design, consider this:

  • Impulse shoppers are drawn to red-orange, black, royal blue. You’ll see those colors used in fast food restaurants, outlet malls and clearance sales.
  • Shoppers on a budget are attracted to navy blue and teal. Banks, insurance companies, and large department stores often use these hues.
  • Traditional buyers gravitate toward pink, sky blue and rose. These colors are often used by clothing stores.

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How to make sure direct mail isn’t treated like junk

When’s the last time you took a good look at your mail?  If you’re a savvy business owner, then you study each and every piece of direct mail marketing you receive, regardless of whether it pertains to your industry. After all, there’s a lot to learn from what’s being passed through the mail. From key words to design, from the weight of the paper to the size and shape of the direct mail postcards, you can get all sorts of good ideas about what catches your eye, what appears too cluttered, what words work and don’t work, and what kind of deals are typically offered in your area.

If you’re considering adding direct mail marketing to your current slate of marketing campaigns, it’s a good idea to start training your eye to recognize the best in that area of marketing. There are some great direct mail templates that are easy to customize with your company’s message. But if you’re going to use a direct mail template, you need to enlist the help of graphic design experts who know just how to make sure your direct mail piece stands out from the crowd. The last thing you want is for your direct mail to look generic or unoriginal.

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