8 Printed Marketing Items You Should Consider Using

Is your marketing stuck in a rut?  Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere?  Then it’s time to shake things up!

If you’re looking for something different, why not start with some of these printed marketing vehicles?  They could just mean the difference between having a decent month and having a spectacular one worth celebrating!

1.  New Stationery:  When was the last time you evaluated your stationery?  Does it really utilize the full potential of what a piece of stationery can “say” about your business?

2.  Promotional Items:  What kinds of giveaways do you offer?  If you’ve stuck with traditional items and they’ve ceased to resonate with your audience, it may be time for something new!

3.  Calendars:  Not only are calendars with your business name and logo fun, but they’re incredibly useful.  Plus, they can be highly customized!

4.  Books:  Nothing says “expert” like having a book written by you or someone else on your team.  Imagine presenting this type of highly impressive leave-behind item to a hot sales lead!

5.  Door Hangers:  Door hangers aren’t only useful for restaurants and political candidates.  They could also help you reach a new audience, make a big announcement, or quickly (and personally) deliver coupons or information.

6.  Calling Cards:  The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Victorian-era style calling cards (in addition to or in lieu of business cards) are being used by some savvy marketers to set themselves apart.

7.  Business Cards:  Does your business card tell someone what you do?  Does it encourage him or her to give you a call or send an email?  If not, it’s time to redesign!

8.  Newsletters:  It’s never been easier to connect with prospects and clients than it is with e-newsletters.  They’re affordable, instantaneous and accepted.  In fact, you probably have subscribed to many yourself, which just proves their inherent marketing power!

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Is Your Public Relations Strategy From the Ice Age?

In an age of article submission directories, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, affiliate marketing and blogs, a press release in a printed newspaper seems almost quaint.

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We  truly feel that most businesses don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to online opportunities.  In fact, we’ve had plenty of entrepreneurs and executives tell us that point-blank.  They know they aren’t maximizing their public relations dollars with a solid strategy, but they just aren’t sure where to begin.

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