Using Your Newsletter to Generate Leads

The visit counter on your website indicates that people are coming to your site; however, the number of clients and new customers are not increasing.

How do you get those people who stop by your site to become a consumer base for your business to tap into for future clients?

Your newsletter.

Since the invention of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, the newsletter is often overlooked as a tool for generating leads. Those avenues are not to be overlooked or ignored, but the newsletter is still a valuable source of information about your company, your products, your goals and your mission. It is an incredible tool for gathering names, email addresses and other contact information as well.

How many times have you read a newsletter and then entered your email address into the “Subscribe” box? You were someone’s lead. It’s that simple. It can be that simple for you as well.


Writing a newsletter may seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be. That’s where Einstein Marketing Group can help you.

We can write the newsletter for you, upload it to your site on your schedule and then perform the behind the scenes maintenance such as:

  • Tracking opens, views, opt-outs and bounces
  • Make follow up calls after each e-newsletter is sent
  • Include a coupon

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Crafting a Successful Email Subject Line

A recent study by research company Radicati reveals that people receive an average of 100 emails per day. But how many of those emails get opened? Arguably the most important part of an email, the subject line, directly impacts how many emails are opened and read. To help you increase your open rates (for marketing, business or personal use), we’re sharing our three email tips to pique the interest of your reader.

  1. Limit Punctuation:  If using punctuation, use no more than two per subject line. Using more increases the spam rating of your email.
  2. Short and Sweet:  The general rule is to be less than 50 characters while giving your recipient a reason to read further.
  3. Use the 5 most persuasive words in the English language:
  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

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Email Marketing Statistics You NEED to know

Stop ignoring mail marketing! Here are some important statistics you MUST know before you abandon traditional marketing all together. Feel free to share!

First, remember this:

1. The median open rate of emails in North America is 17.1%

Use this as a benchmark to know if your email marketing campaign is performing well, or below average.

2. 88% of all smartphone users check email on their phones every day.

We keep talking about responsive web design [/2012/11/its-time-to-take-your-website-mobile/] and mobile optimization. This is just more proof to that effect. We’re including it just in case you weren’t convinced, yet.

3. For B2B companies, subject lines that contain the words “Money,” “revenue,” and “profit” perform the highest.

This is interesting because so many businesses think the best words are “free,” “discount” or “exclusive.”

4. Emails that include social sharing buttons have a click-through rate 158% higher than those do not (6.2% vs. 2.4%)

If you haven’t set up your company’s social media accounts yet, then you’re already one step behind. But once they are ready, it’s very easy to add social sharing buttons to your emails. If adding this one feature can improve click-through rates, then what are you waiting for?

1. http://www.silverpop.com/Documents/Whitepapers/2013/WP_EmailMarketingMetricsBenchmarkStudy2013.pdf
2. http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2012/Mobile-Health.aspx
3. http://www.adestra.com/
4. http://www.getresponse.com/

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Email Marketing DON’Ts

This month, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the importance of email marketing. Now that you’ve finally decided to begin using email as the next important element in your business marketing campaign, what are some mistakes to avoid?

First, don’t make your email look like spam. Studies show that readers are not fans of subjects that are personalized, nor those that include the word “free” (unless it’s talking about shipping) and anything typed in all caps. It makes the recipient skeptical. Plus, it cheapens your brand and your intentions.

Secondly, offer something useful. If your email doesn’t have a strong call-to-action or usable coupon, then it is probably pointless. The general population doesn’t have time for just informational emails about you, yourself, and your services. They want to know there is something in it for them, and you need to tell them why they need it.

Next, don’t forget to link back to your site. An email marketing campaign is only as good as the backlinks it generates to your landing pages. In other words, the leads you receive because people want to know more about your products and services. Without these links, you’ll have no idea what readers are interested in.

Lastly, make sure analyze everything. You have to be conscious of what content the readers are clicking on, what subjects get the most opens, and where the leads are coming from. If you are not tracking the data, then you are wasting your time. Email service providers can offer a plethora of information about what readers are doing with your emails. Your job is to use that knowledge and translate it into conversions.

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Email Marketing Series – Part II: What is the Perfect Subject Line?

If you missed Part I of this blog series, read it here

On average, most employed Americans probably get between 50-100 emails per day. In order to make sure your marketing email is not lost in the shuffle, you have to deliver a clever subject line.

Here are more tips to writing the perfect email subject line:

4. Use Other Characters. An easy way to make your email stand out in a cluttered inbox is to use different characters. Don’t be afraid to capitalize one word, use an exclamation point, special characters, brackets or parenthesis in your subject.

• Example: We know you ♡ sales + FREE shipping!

5. Create a Sense of urgency. Since you are competing with dozens of other emails, you have to give your readers a reason to open your email today.

• Example: Only 2 days left to get your coupon code!

6. Peer Pressure. Talk about your products as though they are something everyone else is using or needs.

• Example: Mom’s Must-Haves for Summer.

The only way to know what will work for your email marketing campaign is to try out several different tactics and measure the results.

If you want to discuss ways to improve your email marketing click through rates, or to discuss the best way to strategize your campaign, contact Einstein Marketing Group today!


Email Marketing Series – Part I: What is the Perfect Subject Line?

In this two-part blog series, we will look at how to write the perfect email marketing subject line.

A subject line is the most important aspect of your email marketing campaign. It can be the difference between a sale, and being dumped in a “spam” bin. Email marketing service provider MailChimp says, “The best subject lines tell what’s inside, the worst subject lines sell what’s inside.”

So, what are some ways you can tell your subscriber what’s inside?

1. Ask a question. Identifying something your customer’s need is the best way to convince them to buy your service.

• Example: “Not sure what to buy Dad for Father’s Day? Let us show you”

2. Keep it Short. Subject lines that are too long have lower open and click through rates. Leave your readers wanting more by excluding the important details so they have to read the body of the email.

• Example: “Here’s a special gift just for our loyal shoppers”

3. Create a List. Readers crave knowledge and they want to get it quickly. So, preface the email with a subject that promises to provide a few easy steps of usable content. Make it so your recipient has to open and read more.

• Example: “3 Ways To Beef Up Retirement”

For more ideas on how to craft the perfect email subject line, subscribe to our blog RSS feed. Part II of this blog series will be posted later in the week.

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Email Marketing: Make Sure You Are Doing It Right!

With 40% of all consumers now checking their email on a mobile device, it’s time to examine how to properly utilize email marketing in the year 2013.

According to marketing research firm MarketingSherpa, one small business increased clickthru rates 53% by launching a mobile version of its newsletters. In this case, responsive web design is a must. This includes making the site readable on smaller devices, and including large enough buttons will help the mobile user to easily access your links.

Email Marketing

A clever subject line will yield higher click through rates

Retailers and restaurants are finding “Daily Deal” coupons to be effective in their email marketing strategy, because consumers have to make a purchase that day in order to receive a discount. It’s an urgent call to action, which many customers are not willing to pass up.

Customers are also starting to prefer coupons via email because it saves them the headache of having to clip from an ad and remember to bring to a store. If a coupon can be accessed from the mobile device, it will be much easier to redeem.

Your subject line is everything. Most inboxes are crowded and customers will not bother to open an email if there isn’t anything relevant or an incentive to do so. You subject has to include a call to action to entice the reader to open the email. Be careful not to give away the entire subject though, or the recipient will not have any reason to click further.

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Email Marketing Terms You Must Know

We’ve blogged a lot about the importance of email marketing in 2013, and here at Einstein Marketing Group we can’t wait to help you get started. Here are some key terms that all companies should know before they begin planning and executing their latest email marketing campaign:

HTML and Plain text: These are the two types of email formats. The design of HTML emails is rich and more visually intense, using bold fonts and complex graphics. However, HTML format doesn’t always translate well across all devices, so readers might lose some information depending on where they open the email.

Plain text emails do not require advanced formatting in order for information to be perceived. The fonts are simple, there are no extra graphics and the content can be easily read with hyperlinks that readers can view on any device.

Landing Page: This very important website is the page readers will click to from the email. It’s intended to drive conversions by reinforcing the call-to-action you are advertising in your email.

Opt-In and Opt-Out: You should always give readers the option of subscribing, or “opting-in” to your marketing emails. If the reader later decides they no longer want to receive your emails, you are legally obligated to be give them the option to “opt-out,” and then be removed from the subscription list.

Open Rate: This is the percentage of emails that are viewed or opened by their recipients.

CTR: This acronym stands for “click-thru-rate” and is used to determine the number of times the recipient clicked on the links embedded in an email. CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of emails sent.

Bounce Rate: In email marketing, this refers to the percentage of times your email did not reach the intended recipient. There are two types: A hard bounce, where an email is undelivered because the server blocked, or email address was invalid. A soft bounce is when an email is rejected because of a temporary server problem, or full mailbox.

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