Captivate your Audience with Personalized Marketing

Marketing MessageAs the amount of good (and free) content increases, the competition for audience attention increases. Therefore; producing great content isn’t enough anymore to create a lasting impression.

We’ve compiled three tried and true ways to help you connect with your audience by personalizing your marketing message.

  • Utilize Existing relationships:  Do you have a handful of people with whom you have a good working relationship? If so, link to their content and ask them to linkback to yours.


  • Respond to mentions:  Avoid using automation when responding to tweets. Remember, not all ‘mentions’ are positive so it’s important to be able to analyze the true meaning before responding.


  • Craft pitches to individual publications:  If you are trying to get your company’s name in the spotlight, be sure to customize your pitch based on the publication as well as the reporter. Don’t send mass/generic emails! Be sure all content is easy to read and conveys why the reporter should choose you as his/her source.



What steps does your company take to personalize their message? Share your best practices below!


Images that boost engagement

We have found that user engagement more than doubles when images are used on our client’s accounts.

Infographics, mobile uploads, and scenes from a business trip are just a few examples of attention grabbing pictures you can use to boost engagement on your social media pages. Check out our list below for more creative ideas!

1. Original Infographics
Your audience has a short attention span, so tell them a great informational story
quickly using pictures and graphics.

click to enlarge

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2. Mobile Uploads
Scenes from a client’s TV shoots or hosted events are a great way to promote your brand
It also SHOWS your audience what you do instead of telling them.
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6.19 3

3. Before & After
You know why shows on HGTV are so successful? Because people LOVE seeing an amazing transformation right before their eyes. That is why before-and-after pictures make amazing visuals.

6.19 4

Let us know if we can help you create even more original content.

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Understanding Pinterest’s Success

With over 70 million users, it’s easy to see why marketers are still loving what Pinterest can do for their business. Many brands have enjoyed huge success using boards to pin and sell products.

EMG 6.11.14

So what makes Pinterest a great marketing tool? Simple: Images.Your audience LOVES pictures because of these key reasons:

• Social media posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without.
• 60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search results.
• Pictures express a product or idea quickly. Your audience has a cluttered screen, and pictures stand out among the monotony

If you aren’t already using Pinterest as a marketing tool, then what are you waiting for? Here are some ideas for getting started. To create a more detailed social media marketing plan, contact our pros today!


Captivating your audience with Infographics

It’s time to face the facts: Our social media feeds and inboxes are literally CLUTTERED with updates, ads, and other solicitations from every man, woman and business under the sun. If you want to quickly grab your audiences attention, you had better be prepared do it with less words and more pictures.

EMG 6.4.14

Marketing experts like to talk. But what all marketers need to know is that in 2014, it’s all about the visuals. An infographic is the perfectly simple way to add value to your online marketing campaigns by telling a story that easily catches your audience’s attention with few words, and bright colors and pleasing images.

So, what are infographics? They are innovative visualization marketing tools that allow you to display your content in a way that is attractive, interesting, simple, and easily understood. Studies show us that image is everything  when it comes to successful online marketing

Infographics are critical, especially if your online marketing goals include:

• Driving more traffic to your website
• Creating content that is more useful, unique, and shareable
• Capitalizing on the audience’s short-attention spans
• Increasing brand awareness
• Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry
• Increasing SEO

To find out how to get started on creating unique infographics that will tell the story of your products and brand, contact EMG today.

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Website Development: The Latest Trends in Web Design

Is now the time to consider re-designing your company website? . Let’s look at what the latest trends are in website development for 2013, and how you can implement them into your online marketing strategy:

Responsive Web Design:
Probably the most important website development trend this year and for several years to come. This technique allows your website to be viewed optimally, regardless if the user is on a phone, tablet or PC. Responsive web design allows flexibility and it makes your website automatically adapt and look great on all devices, regardless of screen size.

Social media buttons:
These buttons are primarily used for directing readers to your social media accounts, or to encourage them to share your content and drive more traffic to your website. Make sure the purpose of your social media buttons is clear in the design, so your viewers know if they are clicking to “like” something, or to “share” it. If you are worried about driving traffic away from your site, have the social media buttons open a separate window, so visitors are still able to come back to your website after “like”-ing or following your social media pages.

Simplicity & Minimalism:
Website trends in 2013 include designs that feature larger fonts, and more concentrated content. The rule of thumb now is the less clutter, the better. This makes your landing pages easier to understand and ensures viewers get directly to the point. Having too many words and graphics might seem overwhelming, and viewers are more likely to click away in seconds.

Content is King:
Changes in Google’s algorithms last year made is harder for websites to rank as a result of generic link-building tactics. Instead, search engines are now looking for quality content. Aside from keywords and your services, you need to invest in content marketing to make your site shine. So make sure your website offers only the best, most valuable, and useful information. Make your content versatile, in that your site offers video, social media links, email marketing, blogging, and perhaps podcasts. Keep sentences short, and make keywords bold.

If you want to discuss more design ideas, and inquire about our website development services,
contact Einstein Marketing Group today.