3 Ways Marketing Helps Sales Close the Deal


Your leads are as good as dead if Sales doesn’t have good marketing materials to aid them through the buying cycle. Having great content isn’t just needed during the first step for capturing leads, but it’s also key to earning the buyer’s trust and then ultimately their money.

Without the right materials, the sales funnel will look more like a dunce cap


A recent study published bySiriusDecisions
found that 70% of the buyer’s decision is already made before they engage with a salesperson.
That means your sales team needs quality content they can use at
every stage of the sales funnel, not just the beginning.


Not sure what marketing materials are best to provide at various stages of the buying cycle? Here’s our list of recommendations:



1.   Buying Cycle Stage: Awareness

Marketing Materials needed: Professionally written and designed brochures, presentations and proposals.


The Awareness stage is when Sales lets the buyer know know they have a solution to their problem. In order to eventually nurture the lead, Sales must have good leave-behinds that establish credibility with the buyer, and reinforce what makes your product/services exceptional.


2.      Buying Cycle Stage: Consideration

Marketing Materials Needed: Case Studies, Whitepapers


Buyers in the Consideration Stage are already aware of what they need to solve their problem, they just need evidence YOUR business has the answer. Since most buyers at this stage are conducting online searches, you should provide easy access Case Studies and downloadable white papers on your website that reinforce the message of how your products will help them.


3.      Buying Cycle Stage: Purchase

Marketing Materials Needed: Referrals, Testimonials


The customer needs to have a trusted relationship established with Sales in order to complete this step. That is where referrals and testimonials help. The evidence of previous successes and satisfied customers will trigger buyers into ultimately making a purchase.  It’s the proof buyers need to decide your product WILL solve their problem.



Brochures can add credibility to your business

In today’s business world everything is digital, right? Not quite. It’s true that a lot of today’s business is done in the digital world. Website marketing and social media are huge factors in getting and maintaining business contacts and customers. Contracts are signed and deals are made electronically, often without the two parties ever meeting face to face. But does all this e-commerce mean your company no longer needs printed marketing materials like business brochures, sales kits or business cards? No.

Printed marketing material still tells the consumer that yours is a stable business. In a world where anybody can buy a URL and create a virtual storefront or company website, having a slick-stock brochure gives your company a lot more credibility.

The other advantage to a printed brochure is the chance it gives for your business to have staying power in a consumer’s mind. The average person visits a dozen or more websites a day, clicks on tons of links, and doesn’t retain all – or even most – of what they browse. If your website is among the six or eight such sites that someone bookmarks, it might stand out in the crowd. But if that same consumer has six bookmarked URLs on his laptop and your brochure in his hands, chances are he’s giving your company a closer look, and will remember it in a way he won’t remember the others.

Printed marketing materials don’t have to be flashy or super-expensive in order to be impactful. Let Einstein Marketing Group help you decide just the right kind of brochure or other marketing tool is right for your business. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our graphic design services!

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Leave the writing to the true experts

The written word is a powerful thing, we all know that. What many don’t realize is how many different styles of writing there are. And we’re not talking about different languages – we’re talking about different ways of writing for different venues and media outlets. If you think your message should be the same across all avenues, you don’t understand the way to harness that power of the written word.

For instance, written content for a website has a different tone, cadence and objective than written content for a social media site. Brochures need to be written differently than direct mail postcards. Video scripts are an entirely different beast than television commercials. The list goes on and on.

You can be a good writer but not be skilled at understanding the exact style of writing that is needed for all the marketing and public relations strategies you want to implement.  That’s where your PR firm comes in. PR professionals are, first and foremost, great writers. They are experts with the written word, and they know the subtle differences needed across all forms of media.

Whether you need help blogging, writing newsletters or simply crafting internal communications, Einstein Marketing Group is up to the task. Just ask us. Einstein Marketing Group is here to help.

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10 Marketing Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make, part II

This is a continuation of our two-part series on marketing mistakes you cannot afford to make!

Marketing Mistake #6:  Getting stuck in a rut: If your website hasn’t had an ounce of redesign since 2002, it’s high time to get to work on it.  Same with your brochures, business cards, signage, etc.  The world has changed in the past 9 years… you’ll want to come along for the ride or risk being left behind.

Marketing Mistake #7:  Hating all new marketing tools:  We’ve seen this before and we’re sure you have, too – the business person who abhors anything new.  Rather than even trying something, he or she will berate it.  This is why some companies still have no web presences… and why many companies who had great products or services are no longer in existence.

Marketing Mistake #8:  Marketing materials that operate in bubbles and don’t cross-promote: Many businesses have a website that looks NOTHING like their business cards that look NOTHING like their brochures that look NOTHING like their billboard that…  Well, you get the point.  The problem?  There’s no cohesiveness in the organization’s marketing materials.  Everything is done in a “bubble” and no one bothers to talk.  This just makes for a scatter-shot approach… and an ineffective one at that.

Marketing Mistake #9:  Wanting results lickity-split: “Why isn’t our marketing working?”  We hear it over and over… and it’s usually during the first few weeks of a marketing campaign.  The truth is that marketing doesn’t work overnight.  It takes a while.  So sit back and relax; if you’ve done your homework, you’ll reap the rewards!

Marketing Mistake #10:  Not learning from your own mistakes:  And the final marketing mistake?  Not learning from your own mistakes, of course!  We all make them… and if we don’t use them as learning experiences, we’ll never see success!

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