5 Reasons Sales Hates You, Marketing

You are a Marketing professional and you think you are very good at your job. The problem is, you don’t understand why Sales hates you. Chances are it’s because of one or ALL of the reasons below:

5. You are wasteful
Sales is probably resentful if you spend too much money on useless tchotchke’s their customers don’t want, or because you waste time at marketing schmooze-fests instead of lead-generating trade shows.

4. You think you ARE the brand
Marketing is indeed responsible for crafting the company’s image and message, but a company’s branding is more than just a clever logo and a tagline. While one of your essential roles is to help expand the brand’s awareness in the marketplace, you alone do not make up the brands identity. In fact it is customer relations, culture of employees, and ways in which the company demonstrates how they value both is ultimately what defines the brand. You’d be remiss to think otherwise.

3. You think you don’t need Sales
Please don’t think your promotions are enough to generate sales without the help of a talented Sales department. In business, it’s not always as simple as the buyer seeing a clever marketing piece and then choosing to make a purchase. There are many stages to the buying cycle and it’s the salesperson who walks with the buyer through each phase to ultimately convince them to make a purchase.

EMG 4-22-14

2. Your definition of success if wrong
Marketers tend to get caught up in data, rather than results. Sales will resent the fact that you care more about earning a No. 1 keyword ranking rather than determining how much that metric actually contributes to the bottom line.

1. You think you can do their job
Having a Marketing degree does not make you an honorary expert in Sales. While Marketers might be well-versed at consumer research, data analysis, product development, and creating leads, they are not a Salesman. A highly trained Sales person is much better at one-to-one interaction, relationship building, persuasive communication, and fulfilling demands.

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Things Your Sales Team Wants to Say to You

Are you making things harder for Sales? Find out if you are creating more problems or work for them without even realizing.

EMG 4-15-14

You don’t understand “leads”
If your lead captures are not producing candidates who are even remotely close to buying, then you are doing your sales team a great disservice by wasting their time. Work together to establish a criteria of what constitutes a qualified lead, and then tailor the marketing efforts towards improving ways to capture them.

You don’t understand what I do
While Marketing pros are experts at crafting a company message, it’s Sales who communicates that message to buyers. However, this doesn’t mean Marketing should tell Sales how to do their job. It’s Marketing’s job to support sales by enhancing brand awareness within the marketplace, but it’s Sale’s job to pitch the product and convince buyers as to why they need it.

I wish you had told me about this
Nothing is worse than a Marketing initiative that hampers Sales. Even worse is one that Sales isn’t aware of. Make sure they know the goal for every email campaign, website update, social media effort etc.

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Marketing on Pinterest

What started off as a social media site for sharing ideas in the form of pictures has now become a must-have marketing tool for businesses. Pinterest is now the single fastest-growing social network and boasts over 70 million users.


You should know that a 2012 study by Bizrate Insights found the site is now more effective at driving sales than the world’s largest social network, Facebook. How much more effective? Well, a jewelry company named Bottica found users visiting their site from Pinterest spent an average of $180, as compared to visitors from Facebook spent an average of only $85.


Here’s what you also need to know about using the site as a marketing tool: 

Image is everything.

Even if your business is more service than product-based, you still need to create interesting visuals that will generate traffic and increase brand awareness.


So, what are images you can use that will help you create interesting pins and generate interest in your company?


First, look at your logos. If your company offers coaching or email marketing, you should have a colorful logo attached to that service.


Secondly, think about turning what you do into an infographic. Email marketing provider Constant Contact has a pinboard dedicated solely to infographics.  These types of images are extremely popular on Pinterest. The more useful and interesting, the more likely to get “liked” and “repinned.”


Other ideas for pin-able content include: humorous cartoons illustrating something about your industry, photos linked to blog posts, graphs showing market research, inspirational quotes, or funny memes.


Check out some of the images we’ve used to pin our own blog posts here.


Adding a pin description and link description is also a critical marketing component on the site. Pinterest works with searchable hashtags and keywords, so label accordingly.


So, take advantage of the powerhouse that is Pinterest by creating multiple boards of visually pleasing pins that will extend the reach of your company today. The site also offers page analytics for businesses to help you determine which content is driving the most traffic to your site. Experiment with different ideas, and then figure out which content is working the best.


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Secret to Business Success on Pinterest

Want to know how the best companies market their products and services on Pinterest? We’re breaking down how the most popular brands have used the site to build huge followings:


Board with most repins: Better Homes and Gardens “Recipes We Love

The reason pinners love it: The content of this board is perfect for the way the site works.  Virtual “pinning” is a much more functional way of filing and organizing recipes than the old fashion method of stuffing hand-written cards and torn out magazine pages into a box.

Apply this tip to your business: Online marketers know that content is always king. Create pins that are useful to your audience so they’ll be more inclined to click an re-pin for later.


Board with most followers: LL Bean’s “Woodland Creatures

The reason pinners love it: This board is an anomaly because it is less about product, and more about photos of cute, cuddly animals. But most importantly, it says so much about the brand. LL Bean is based in Maine, and the board started out as a forum for sharing pictures of wildlife found in the backyards of this region.  The virality of the board helps drive loads of traffic back to the LL Bean website.

Apply this tip to your business:  Think outside the box. Sometimes your brand isn’t just about what products you sell, but it’s giving people a deeper, more meaningful look into what inspires you. Get your audience inspired as well.


Board with most likes: Swarovski’s “Wedded Bliss

The reason pinners love it: 93% of Pinterest’s users are women, and diamonds (among other sparkly things) are a woman’s best friend, right? This board is full of beautiful images featuring a large variety of anything and everything wedding-related — from hairclips, dresses, cakes, flowers, necklaces and much more.  Swarovski also places the Wedded Bliss board first in the lineup on the company’s Pinterest page to get more exposure.

Apple this to your business: You must use great pictures to have a shot at marketing success on Pinterest. Also, be mindful of how you organize your boards and offer great variety in the photographs. The Wedded Bliss board doesn’t just feature pictures of Swarovski crystal products – it features images of beautiful things related to the products to get pinners inspired.


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Benefits of networking

Last week, we discussed having established social media accounts for the purpose of networking with other business owners and like-minded industry professionals. This week, we want to give you more of an idea why this is so important.

Elevate your reach – Jumping into the networking game can help enhance your visibility in so many ways. For example, if you are trying to establish a presence in a new territory try attending events and then connecting online with people you have met in person. Once your contacts begin following your social media updates, it can only serve to build your credibility. Building a strong following and nurturing these new relationships will also improve your confidence.

Find People You Need In Your Life – Networking isn’t just about advertising your company and selling. You could also be connecting with people who could become your employees, business partners, or even a life-long support system.

Share Ideas – It could be that you are offering something unique and other business owners are not even aware they need it yet. Or perhaps you can learn a better way to recruit talent or advertise products. It never hurts to listen to what other successful people are saying, and also share what you’ve learned along the way.


Networking will allow you to grow in many ways

Opportunity Comes Knocking – By constantly nurturing your relationships with colleagues and industry professionals, you are also planting the seed for your business to grow organically. You cannot establish yourself as a force by hiding in an office 24/7 trying to make a name for yourself. Get out there and talk with others, establish the online connection, follow-up with personal messages, share updates, and watch your business grow.

Together, we at Einstein Marketing Group want to help you formalize a networking plan for your business this quarter! Contact us for more information about using social media to nurture your contacts and increase brand awareness today!


Using Social Media for Smart Networking

This month, Einstein Marketing Group is focused on offering tips for using social media to nurture your business relationships and improve your online and in-person networking strategies.

According to Performics’ 2012 Life on Demand survey  40% of Americans feel more comfortable engaging with people online than in person. So, as a business owner what are some ways can you use social media to build contacts and increase exposure for your brand?

First and foremost, you need to establish your company’s social media platforms. Without a complete Facebook business page, LinkedIn Company page or Twitter account, it will be virtually impossible to build any sort of online presence for networking.

Secondly, you need to import all of your business and personal contacts to your personal site distribution lists and “share” the pages with them. Once you begin generating friendly “likes” and “follows” for your page(s), then you can begin to prioritize contacts for business purposes.

Next, create a strategy for networking via these pages. How you will do it will depend on the platform. If it’s Facebook or Twitter, you should take a more casual approach. Perhaps use the sites to advertise a mixer you’re hosting, or an “open house” event for local business owners.

Facebook offers the feature of creating a public (or private) event by calendar and inviting others. The events can also be “shared” by invitees. You can also create an Evite and share it across multiple social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Online Networking

Use your online contacts to create in-person networking events

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn also offer the option for users to create groups. For example, if your business is a gluten-free bakery, then you can create a group of other GF bakers from around the world. Or, you can create a group that is more localized, such as other food or hospitality business owners in your city. Perhaps you can find form strategic partnerships or find new clients by sharing the group page with your contacts.

Together, we at Einstein Marketing Group want to help you formalize a networking plan for your business this quarter! Contact us  for more information about using social media to nurture your contacts and increase brand awareness today!


Your LinkedIn Company Page Needs This…

Your LinkedIn Company Page is only as useful as the people who view it. We’ve already discussed what components you need to build a complete page. However, one key element you shouldn’t overlook happens to be one that you can’t write yourself: the customer recommendation.

Customer recommendations on LinkedIn are vital in establishing credibility within your industry. An honest and detailed testimonial from real clients will increase the likelihood of new buyers wanting your products or services.

It will also help increase your visibility & overall brand awareness because customer recommendations are shared with the author’s entire LinkedIn network. When satisfied clients attest to your company’s abilities, it gives someone with no knowledge of your reputation and services more insight into what your business can do well.

Ideally, your customer recommendations will be concise and honest. They shouldn’t sound too much like a publicist wrote them or it won’t come across as legitimate. Don’t worry if something isn’t grammatically perfect, because people relate more to a testimonial when it sounds more like spoken words.

The recommendations should also be specific to your products and services, instead of just saying, “This is a great company” and leaving it at that. Also, your recommendations should come from real people, not just an anonymous profile. This can look contrived and dishonest.

For this and more tips on why you need customer recommendations on your LinkedIn Company page, visit our website.

Coming next on the blog: How to request a recommendation for your LinkedIn Company Page

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What do the best LinkedIn Company Pages have that you don’t?

So, your LinkedIn Company Page exists, but is it working? The social media site has quickly become one of the most important networks for everything business-related. Over three million businesses now have a Company Page on LinkedIn. You might be one of them, but how can you tell if your page is effective at helping your business?

First, a LinkedIn Company Page should be connecting with your target audience and showcasing your brand. If you only have your business name, contact info and a paragraph or two about your services, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness and market your company as an industry leader.

LinkedIn company page

click to enlarge: LinkedIn Company Pages give you the option to optimize your description of services

LinkedIn offers many options for optimizing company pages. Your business profile should be treated like a second homepage and dynamic social media entity that includes everything from rich logos and pictures, video clips, frequent status updates, details about products and services, customer testimonials, and strong call-to-actions.

This month, Einstein Marketing Group will be offering tips on optimizing your LinkedIn business page to increase SEO and your brand’s overall internet presence.

We’ll walk you through how to create interesting content that will keep your customers clicking back to your page, and show you how properly marketing your business on LinkedIn can increase sales.

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How Online Reputation Management Affects Brand Awareness

With so many American’s wired to the internet 24/7 and everyone being on constant social overload, online reputation management has become more important than ever. For many businesses, trying to maintain their good name online is now becoming an integral part of their internet marketing strategy.

Companies are no longer limited to receiving feedback through their website or customer service departments. In 2013, information about your company’s services can be shared instantly on social media. Good or bad, it could become a hot topic of discussion for an audience of millions. Before your PR professionals even have time to blink an eye, there could be pictures, videos and scathing complaints that go viral in a matter of hours.

While, it’s unlikely a small business will be thrust into the spotlight because of poor online reviews, you should still be aware know how negative internet chatter can affect your reputation with present and future customers. There are several ways to approach customer complaints and online reputation management on a small budget:

First, you need to be on social media. Good or bad, people will talk about your business, so you need to have a channel where they can directly communicate with you on a 1-to-1. Don’t just troll the sites looking for mentions, but use them to also ask for feedback on products and services. It’s better to initiate the conversation because customers want to know that are always considering their needs.

You should also respond to any feedback given, good or bad. If someone leaves a negative review on Yelp or Twitter, then answer it. Apologize for whatever their bad experience might have been, and provide a solution or explanation for the complaint. Perhaps go even further, and ask for their personal contact info in a direct message if you need to send a coupon or refund as an apology. Likewise, if your company is praised for a product or service, make sure you thank the poster. Customers will appreciate seeing a human dialogue between you and the public. Remember to always answer your comments quickly, and in a polite manner.

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JCPenney Apologizes in New Marketing Campaign

Retailer JCPenney began apologizing last week via a huge social media and television mea culpa marketing campaign aimed at bringing their customers back to the store. Last year, recently-ousted CEO Ron Johnson tried to reinvent the JCP brand, making huge changes to the setup of stores, eliminating coupon promotions, and discontinuing fan-favorite brands. The results were disastrous and customers abandoned the store in droves. In Q4 2012, JCPenney had a total loss of over $4 billion, which was over 30% of their holiday revenue. Is it too late for JC Penney, or will a PR-driven ad campaign built around an apology help to bring back customers?

The company is now taking the high road by saying they are listening to what their customers want, and they are sorry for previous mistakes. They are utilizing social media to initiate direct conversations with the public to find out exactly what it will take to bring them back. On the JCPenney Facebook page, a poll was posted asking customers to vote on which discontinued brands they miss the most. The people voted, and JCP is staying true to their word by bringing back a popular clothing brand. On Twitter, the company is using a unique hashtag, “#JCPlistens,” to encourage users to communicate their ideas and concerns, and they are quick to respond to all tweets.

Mea culpa marketing has worked for other big-name brands in the past. Dominoes pizza saw a 14.4% boost in sales and their stock prices rose over 200% shortly after they launched an apology campaign in 2010. Dominoes admitted their product was not up to customer’s standards, and as a result they made changes to their pizza recipe. Their CEO said at the time, “Great brands going forward are going to have a level of honesty and transparency that hasn’t been seen before.”

JCPenney’s social media and TV ad campaign has already generated big buzz and brand awareness for the store’s retooled marketing plan. An apology is a great first step to making customers feel like a company is human, and actually listening. Time will tell if this latest PR move will, in fact, bring JCP’s former customers back in to the store.

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