Website Development: The Latest Trends in Web Design

Is now the time to consider re-designing your company website? . Let’s look at what the latest trends are in website development for 2013, and how you can implement them into your online marketing strategy:

Responsive Web Design:
Probably the most important website development trend this year and for several years to come. This technique allows your website to be viewed optimally, regardless if the user is on a phone, tablet or PC. Responsive web design allows flexibility and it makes your website automatically adapt and look great on all devices, regardless of screen size.

Social media buttons:
These buttons are primarily used for directing readers to your social media accounts, or to encourage them to share your content and drive more traffic to your website. Make sure the purpose of your social media buttons is clear in the design, so your viewers know if they are clicking to “like” something, or to “share” it. If you are worried about driving traffic away from your site, have the social media buttons open a separate window, so visitors are still able to come back to your website after “like”-ing or following your social media pages.

Simplicity & Minimalism:
Website trends in 2013 include designs that feature larger fonts, and more concentrated content. The rule of thumb now is the less clutter, the better. This makes your landing pages easier to understand and ensures viewers get directly to the point. Having too many words and graphics might seem overwhelming, and viewers are more likely to click away in seconds.

Content is King:
Changes in Google’s algorithms last year made is harder for websites to rank as a result of generic link-building tactics. Instead, search engines are now looking for quality content. Aside from keywords and your services, you need to invest in content marketing to make your site shine. So make sure your website offers only the best, most valuable, and useful information. Make your content versatile, in that your site offers video, social media links, email marketing, blogging, and perhaps podcasts. Keep sentences short, and make keywords bold.

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How Your Business Can Use Video Marketing

The latest computer technology and enhanced web development tools are making it easier than ever to add video to your company website. However, many businesses aren’t sure just how to incorporate video into their marketing campaign. Einstein Marketing Group is here to offer ideas as to how you can utilize video technology into your social media and Internet marketing strategies.

1. Client Testimonials: Nothing is more believable than first-hand accounts from satisfied customers. You can offer video testimonials from real clients on your product and services page.

2. Conference/Webinar Broadcasting: Any meeting, speaking engagement or event can now be videoed and archived on the web forever. Showcase you company in action, whether it be the launching of new product, speaking at a industry convention, a Q&A with customers, or just a “How-To” demonstration of your products and services.

3. Company overview: Showing the culture of your company will humanize it to the audience. Remember, customers are more likely to buy from a business they feel is trustworthy. Also, having video that offers an inside glimpse of your business can also help from a recruiting standpoint.

4. Viral advertisements: If you are clever enough to create something memorable and unique that taps your audience’s emotion, then chances are it will be shared across social media again and again.

5. Broadcast public relations stories: Customers don’t just want to read about interesting things, they want to see them. Consider posting video if your company is honored for industry achievements, or receives a high recognition for a service.

Videos can be great marketing tools because of the power of social media sharing. One video can be posted to all of your social media accounts, in addition to being embedded onto your company website. Also, the more engaging or interesting your video content, the more likely your followers will share it with their circles.

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Website Development: Reducing Bounce Rate

Every business should have an understanding of how smart website development impacts marketing efforts. Have you’ve launched a company page, but then wondered what all of the analytics mean? How do you know if your site is good enough?

If you want to know how captivating your web content is, then you need take a close look at the bounce rate. This is the percentage of visitors who leave your site, or “bounce,” after visiting just one page. If your bounce rate is high – above 50% – that means almost every other person is leaving the site after reading just one page. If visitors are not clicking on any other content, then it’s likely they are missing out on key information about your products and services. Why is this happening and how can you improve it?

First, ask yourself if the site is user-friendly. Are pages taking too long to load, or are there any ill-timed pop-up ads? These are all things that make visitors click away immediately. Your readers want easy navigation, not to be annoyed by delays or distractions.

Secondly, look at the basic layout of your content. Are there links to other areas of your website at the top of your page, or just banner ads? Studies show that strategically placed internal links will keep readers on your website, but annoying ads will scare them away or even distract them to click off your site. So, be careful about where you place business content and external links.

Last but not least, is your message clear? Words should be easily read with legible fonts, good color contrast, and pleasing graphics. Viewers need to be able to find a clear purpose. If the readers are confused or cannot find what they came for, they will leave. Also, make your call-to-actions and subsequent links specific and enticing.

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Is it Time to Redesign your website?

Many businesses falsely assume their company website is sufficient, and they don’t want to take the time (or money) to consider if it is time for a much-needed makeover. Website development is something that is always evolving. Do you have new products and services to promote in 2013, and now you’re looking for the best way to increase traffic and visibility? If you haven’t considered a company website facelift in the past year, than now is probably the time.

First, look at your website’s traffic. Has it been steady, or slower than in the past? Your old website might actually be hindering your marketing efforts, because it might not be designed for mobile devices. In our 2013 Marketing Resolutions blog we asked if your website was “mobile-ready.” Tablets and smartphones now account for almost a quarter of all web traffic. Chances are, if you haven’t been updated your website in the last year or longer, it isn’t mobile-ready.

Secondly, does your company website take too long to load? Old fonts, dated layout and unnecessary extras could be slowing the site down. It might be time to let a website design expert overhaul the old content, and bring in fresh images and text that doesn’t jam servers and scare away potential customers. Studies show that if a website takes more than a few seconds to load, viewers will click away before seeing any content.

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Make sure your Marketing efforts are not left out in the cold

Last week famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, much to the relief of many. Therefore, an early end to winter is predicted for this year. Now, the only question left to answer: Is your 2013 marketing plan ready to spring into bloom, or will you be left in the cold next quarter by the competition?

One of the most important things to remember about digital marketing in 2013 is that everyone and everything is going mobile. In 2012, more mobile devices were bought than PC’s. Have you taken the steps to keep up? If it isn’t already, your website design needs to be mobile-ready. Also, you need to make sure your email marketing efforts are not just mobile-friendly, but now offering mobile-incentives. Take advantage of QR coding and be open to the idea of offering free apps or downloads that can drive business.

You already know your business needs to have a social media presence. But is your company visible in all the relevant platforms in 2013? Perhaps you aren’t properly maximizing the potential of Pinterest the way you should be. Studies show more men are joining the site every month, and currently make up 30% of all accounts. Also, half of all users have a household income of $50,000 or more, and admit to using the site to make buying decisions.

Don’t let the cold weather freeze you out of missed marketing opportunities!

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Marketing & SEO: Three tips to make sure you’re searchable

Searching, searching, searching:  If there’s one thing we do on the Internet, it’s search. We search for answers, places, scores, people, anything and everything. So it makes sense that in order to make your business thrive in the digital age, you must make sure your business, your brand, your location, and your products are as easy to find online as they possibly can be. Here are three tips to get you started:

  1. Make sure the title tag of your homepage combines your company name with your most likely keywords, preferably in 70 characters or less. (To check your homepage title tag, hover your mouse over the tab at the top of your browser or right-click on the page, select “view page source,” and search for the word “title.”)
  2. Make sure your site is searchable by search engines. This goes beyond using SEO. You also need to make sure search engines are seeing your website correctly. You can use something like Google Webmaster Tools to do this. Once you have it set up, you can use their “Health” features such as “crawl errors,” “fetch as Google” and “index status” to make sure all of your intended content is visible to the engine.
  3. Make sure your site is searchable. You need to make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for on your website. The easiest way to do this is by including a site search feature. Many website and weblog building sites have this option but many businesses fail to use it.

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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Website

Thinking of building a better website? Here are four website development mistakes to avoid:

  1. Don’t complicate things. When you try to include too many large images and fancy graphics on a webpage, the page takes forever to load. In this “instant gratification” society, if your site doesn’t load quickly, forget it: Frustrated users will find a competitor whose site doesn’t take as long to wait for. Keep in mind, too, that more and more people are viewing your site from their mobile devices, so keeping things simple is really a must.
  2. Don’t crowd out your content. Often people think they need to put a little of everything on their homepage in an attempt to catch the eye of every visitor who might have a passing interest in some aspect of your business. But a catch-all site ends up looking clunky and confusing. Instead, focus on one very simple overlying message you want to get across, and keep the design and text straightforward enough to make sure that message is conveyed.
  3. Don’t copycat. When designing a new website, it’s tempting to research every competitor to see what the other guy is doing. But creating a site that looks like your competition keeps you from standing out. Don’t be afraid to forge a new path with your website development plan. After all, you want to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Don’t just sit there. Once the site is built, the real work begins. You can’t expect visitors to just happen upon your website; you need to have a strategy ready to market the site. You can advertise on big websites like Google and Facebook, and use social media to connect with users and draw them to your shiny new site.

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Know these key terms when building your website

Writing for the web isn’t just about creating compelling content. There’s a trick to making sure your website is picked up by search engines and displayed prominently when users search for certain keywords related to your business. It’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it’s of the utmost importance to your website development strategy.

SEO is one of those terms more and more people recognize and understand, but there are several others that are still confusing to most. In order to build your best website and make sure your internet marketing plan will be successful, it’s important to understand the language of the virtual world in which you’re doing business.

To get you started, here are a few key terms you should know:

Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the landing page. You use this metric to measure visit quality – a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to your visitors.

Conversion rate: In internet marketing, conversion rate is the ratio of visitors who convert casual content views or website visits into desired actions based on subtle or direct requests (i.e., surveys filled out, requests sent, products bought).

Successful conversions are interpreted differently. To online retailers, a successful conversion may mean the sale of a product to a consumer whose interest in the item was initially sparked by clicking a banner advertisement.

Landing Page: The page a visitor enters your web site. In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement or a search-engine result link.

Exit Page: The page a visitor leaves the website. The fact that the user is leaving the page may be considered as a negative indicator but is also a valuable information, as it shows us what visitors were finally interested in before they left the web site. Improving this page may improve the conversion rate.

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Six tricks to a great website

What is a well designed website? It’s not just one in which all the links work and nothing is misspelled. There is a true art to creating compelling, clean websites that are both functional and beautiful. Yes, we said beautiful. And by that we don’t mean it’s filled with artful poetry in a fancy serif font. We mean it is well planned and expertly executed, original and creative without being so flashy the content is lost in the presentation.

Here are a few tips for effective website development:

  1. Make it obvious. Don’t make the visitor hunt for your content. Make the navigation intuitive.
  2. Keep it simple. If you want to try to grab a user’s information, don’t ask for too much. Keep in mind this is the first step; the last thing you want to do is annoy a user who would have liked to signed up for your service.
  3. Write effective content. No word on the web should be wasted. Writing for websites is different from other kinds of writing, so hire someone who knows exactly how to convey your message in a way Internet users are accustomed to hearing it.
  4. Remain uncluttered. Don’t jam up your site with words and graphics and blinking banners. Using white space effectively is difficult but crucial to making the user feel relaxed and undistracted from your most important message.
  5. Link to your social networking. Your website is not a standalone advertisement for your business. It is just one important part of your whole internet marketing strategy.
  6.  Test it and retest. Too many people put up a website and then never go and check on it. Make sure links aren’t broken and content remains fresh. A stale website is as good as no website.

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Time to overhaul your website?

Remember when not every business had a website? Remember when not every retail store had a way for consumers to purchase their goods online? Back in the early days of website development, a lot of businesses didn’t care what their company’s website looked like, or how useful it was – they just felt like they needed a “web presence.” So everyone gobbled up targeted URLs and created homemade websites, with flashing text and broken links and sometimes entire pages that were not flushed out with relevant content.

Those days are over. Today consumers are incredibly tech-savvy, and because of this they are pickier than ever about whom they choose to do business with. They want to research not only what products or services you offer but also your company’s philosophy and mission statement. They want to know your history. They want to make sure they have immediate access to buying whatever they like from you. And they need to easily find customer service email addresses and phone numbers. They expect a lot from your website, and they expect to find all that information without having to hunt for it on a cluttered or disorganized site.

If you haven’t upgraded your website in awhile, it’s time to take a good hard look at it. What does it say about your company? Does it give the impression of being forward-thinking? Does it clearly explain your company’s mission? Have you wanted to begin offering your customers e-commerce options but don’t have the know-how? At Einstein Marketing Group, we are experts at website development. Contact us today to find out how your web presence can help bring your business to the next level.


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