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Social Media That Generates the Most Leads

Social Media That Generates the Most Leads

When it comes to leads, you need to ask yourself – which is more important? Quality or quantity?

Lead generation is key and it’s about generating good quality, targeted leads rather than focusing on the volume of leads.

Using social media to generate leads has become crucial for businesses. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are the most utilized by businesses, and LinkedIn ranked the highest for lead generation based on an infographic produced by Smart Insights.

To be effective with social media, a business needs to treat it as a key part of its overall content marketing strategy. Social media becomes a place where high-value content is distributed.

Content needs to be entertaining, informative, and worthy. You want people to come back for more. Even more important, you want people to email or call you for your services.

Format and delivery method also matters. A brief entry and photo that works on Facebook may not necessarily work on LinkedIn, while an image you post to Google+ won’t necessarily go over well on Tumblr, and so on.

Do you want to offer specials via Facebook? Do you want to participate in group discussions on LinkedIn? Do you want to expand your circles on Google+?

Social Media

It may seem daunting to come up with exactly what you want and when you want it.

There is an art to promoting your business using your website, blog, newsletter and social media presence.

Einstein Marketing Group can help you identify the channels you wish to use and how often.

Contact us today to review your social media plan and see how we can help you draw in more leads and customers.


Elevate your business in LinkedIn Groups

linkedin groups

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. It’s the only social channel where you can network, recruit, establish yourself as an industry leader, find new customers, or job hunt. But there’s more to LinkedIn than just setting up a profile and connecting with colleagues and customers.

Here’s our top 3 ways you can use LinkedIn Groups to improve your business:

1. Join groups to find customers and prospects If you are a mortgage lender, it makes sense to join a group that caters toward real estate agents and investors. You can advertise your services in the “promotions” page, and even share links to your site and contact information.

2. Establish yourself as an expert in the field There’s a group for every professional niche. Be sure to  join and actively participate in groups with others in your field. If you work in property management, there are forums specifically for landlords and PM’s. By joining such a group and posting relevant content like blogs, articles and advice relevant to the industry, you will set yourself apart from others in the marketplace as a thought leader.

3.  Market research LinkedIn Groups are also a great place to get feedback and new ideas. You can poll Groups of target customers or industry insiders in order to gain more information on ways to improve your products and services.

For this and more information on how to utilize LinkedIn to improve your business, please contact us today.  Follow Einstein Marketing Group on Twitter! 


5 Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

maximize linkedin

Back to school means back to work! Gear up for fall networking events by ensuring you are using LinkedIn to your advantage.

1. Backdrop:
◦ Change your backdrop regularly to tie into a promotion or seasonal offering
◦ Add a headline – be sure to include a keyword

2. Summary:
◦ This should be your elevator pitch (why someone should choose you/your company)
◦ Always include a call-to-action
◦ If possible, add video

3. Work Description:
◦ Shouldn’t be a resume
◦ Use this area to talk about the company

4. Personal Note to Contacts:
◦ Customize a personal note instead of using a template

5. InMail:
◦ Instead of sending inmail to contact people you don’t know you can join a group they belong to and will be able to send them a message without using Inmail

If you’d like a free review of your LinkedIn profile, contact us today. We’re happy to help make 2014 the most profitable it can be!


Managing those exaggerated LinkedIn endorsements


LinkedIn endorsements are a great way to show off the variety of skills your’ve acquired in the workplace.  However, sometimes we get endorsed for random skills that we never knew we had…and skills we’ve never actually learned.

This is one of the  flaws with LinkedIn’s profile Endorsement feature. Since most of us want to keep our profiles accurate, we hope to be endorsed for skills that are actually relevant to what we do for a living. Unfortunately,  sometimes LinkedIn politely suggests our colleagues endorse us for skills that are not quite on the mark.

Here’s how to deal with those endorsements that might be a slight exaggerations of the truth.

First, make sure you’ve completed the “skills” section yourself with the keywords that best fit your abilities. LinkedIn is about establishing your credibility in the workplace, so it’s up to you to get the ball rolling with selecting the correct skills’ descriptions that will be prominently featured.

LinkedIn endorsements

You can also go through your profile every so often and remove skills that are not a match to your experience. Some colleagues will inadvertently just click on whatever tag word LinkedIn suggests, and perhaps they don’t realize it’s actually not something in your repertoire. Thankfully, LinkedIn offers a “Manage Endorsements” option that allows you to show/hide whichever skills you choose. It’s important to review this every so often for accuracy.

Lastly, make sure you return the favor to your own connections. Don’t endorse someone for a skill if you aren’t sure they possess it. Just because LinkedIn suggests it, doesn’t mean it fits. Guessing doesn’t do much for your own credibility, and your colleagues won’t appreciate having to go the extra step to edit/hide/amend their own profile, either.

For this and more ideas on how to maximize your LinkedIn profile, contact EMG today! 










Networking Do’s

This month, we’re discussing all the ways you can use social media to nurture your online relationships with business contacts. Last week we gave you our list of “Networking Don’ts. This week, we’re giving you our top 3 tips for improving your online networking:

Start a group
The beauty of taking your networking contacts online is then having the ability to engage in conversation from anywhere, at anytime. You can start a group on several major social forums – such as LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook — and invite people in your network to join and contribute. It’ s a great way to share ideas, plan in-person gatherings, and keep up with everyone’s projects.

Have a purpose
Decide what it is you can accomplish from having online connections. Don’t just connect as a way to grow numbers, but offer no benefit to others. Are you going to be sharing information in your feeds that will be useful your contacts? Are you trying to connect with more professionals in a target area? Does the other person have something that your business might need in the future?


What is the purpose of online networking?

It helps to organize your connections by industry, region, or expertise so that you can make your interactions more suitable to each person’s background. For example, if are planning to share your email newsletters with a certain field of individuals or if want feedback from a poll you’re conducting.

Know the Social Media best practices
Using social media for business purposes is much different than using it for personal reasons.

First, you never want your posts to sound anything less than positive. Trashing your competition or discuss negative topics is a no-no. Also, talking about things other than your business – like politics, religion, or television shows – is not professional. Know your audience and engage them in topics relevant as to why they should be interested in your business.

Also, make sure you profile is complete. Having an egg photo as your user picture on Twitter is a turnoff. So is ignoring your following. If customers comment or ask a question, make sure you are responding in a timely manner. Being on social media means you want to be social. So “like”, “retweet”, “share”, and comment often.

We at Einstein Marketing Group want to help you create a social media plan to support your networking efforts this quarter! Contact us today to get started!

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3 Mistakes on your LinkedIn Company Page

Is your LinkedIn Company Page stuck in the past? LinkedIn has made so many great updates to the design of their Company Pages in recent years to improve the layout and viewer experience. However, many businesses still have not gotten on board to take advantage of the most recent enhancements.

Prehistoric LinkedIn Company Page

Are your networking tactics stuck in the past?

Make sure you aren’t making any of these three common mistakes. Stop you hindering your social media marketing strategy by ignoring all of the great page tools available:

You aren’t utilizing all of the Company Page features
If your business page consists of just name, description and contact information then you are missing out on a lot of amazing features.

Did you know? Now you can add cover-style image to the front page to showcase your business/brand.

Did you know? There is a place on the services tab where you can include custom banner-ads to link wherever you want –like back to your homepage, or social media sites

Did you know? LinkedIn allows you target your service pages and Company updates to a select audience.

Are you even sharing frequent Company updates?

You have not keyword-optimized your Company Page
Treat your LinkedIn company page like you do the company website – include keywords about your products and services to ensure you show up in the top of search results. After all, if potential customers and business partners cannot find you on LinkedIn, then what is the point of being there?

Your employees don’t know the Company Page exists

The best initial way to let others know about your Company Page is to have your employees connected to it. Remember, that your employees probably have hundreds connections who will check out their profile, and naturally this leads visitors back to your Company Page.

So, the first step to building an audience is to make sure your employees are on board and in sync with the business updates. Their profiles should not only include keywords about their skills and abilities, but also link directly back to the Company Page.

For this and more tips on how to improve your LinkedIn Company page and overall internet marketing strategy, contact Einstein Marketing Group today!

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How B2Bs Are Using Social Media

The benefits of using social media for B2C is obvious: Businesses can engage directly with customers, enhance marketing reach, increase sales, advertise new products and promotions, etc. But have you wondered if your B2B actually needs social media? How can accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook actually help a Business-to-Business?

B2B companies who use social media channels say they do so primarily to build brand awareness, share information, and to gain followers. However, a recent study found that less than half of all businesses really don’t have an organized plan for their social media presence. Einstein Marketing Group wants to help you figure out your B2B social media plan. Below are several ways successful B2B’s are using social media:

Some B2B’s are using channels like Google+ and LinkedIn for their “community” features. Being able to network with other businesses, share ideas, build relationships, and even create partnerships will help your company be more successful in the long run. Engaging in a social media community is about demonstrating that you are an expert in your field, also that your business is “current.” Communities are a great venue for showcasing what your company has to offer through frequent updates and conversations.

Other B2B’s are finding social media networks very useful for recruiting new talent. Pfizer said about 40% of recent job positions were filled by LinkedIn recruits. Younger generations of workers are especially busy on social media, and they are more likely to apply for positions at a business that is actively showcasing their products, services, company culture, and benefits of employment on those channels.

Lastly, and simply put: Social media is becoming the way in which most people now communicate with each other, period. In fact, research shows that 81% of all adults are actively using social media every day. So, with more than 2/3 of the world plugged in, it’s hard to imagine why any business would willingly opt-out of a great way to increase brand awareness, establish loyalty and ultimately generate more sales.

Contact Einstein Marketing Group today to discuss your B2B social media strategy.

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Social Media Roundup: Why Your Business Needs to Be On Google Plus

To be, or not to be on Google Plus, that is the question many businesses ask themselves when deciding what social media channels they should be joining. While Google Plus (or Google+) doesn’t yet have the same massive following of Twitter and Facebook, experts say you should still be mindful of just how useful the social media site can be for marketing your business.

Google+ is a relative newbie on the social media scene, and experts say that is all the more reason for businesses to get plugged in now. It makes sense, since the companies who jumped on Twitter and Facebook six years ago benefitted from getting on board early and building a strong following.

You should also know that Google+ now has two new unique features, which all businesses can benefit from. One is the new Communities segment, which allows you to converse with others on shared topics and interests. Businesses have started using Google+ Communities to network with other like-companies and even potential clients. Just imagine how useful it would be to engage with potential consumers on a particular topic, and find out what people most want in products and services.

The second innovative feature is Google+ Hangouts. This video chat service allows you to conference with up to nine other people at a time. Companies are now using Google+ Hangouts to conduct meetings, announcements, product demonstrations, Q&As, webinars, etc. The best part is, you can archive and upload the content to YouTube pretty easily to make it available to the masses.

Google is also the world’s leading search engine, so it makes sense that a presence on Google+ can only enhance your SEO. Linking profiles, embedding content, and emphasizing your keywords on your Google+ page will do wonders for your website’s search engine results. So, what are you waiting for?

Contact Einstein Marketing Group today to discuss your internet marketing and social media strategy and build your Google+ page.

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2013 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions

Have you considered how to make 2013 your most profitable year, yet? Whether it’s hammering your grass-roots efforts, or stepping-up your internet marketing strategies, now is the time to set your New Year’s marketing resolutions. Here are a few suggestions from Einstein Marketing Group:

1. Commit to Taking Your Website Mobile. There are over a billion smartphones being used every day throughout the world. A recent study found that 22% of all web traffic is now done on mobile devices. Need we say more? Make 2013 is the year you ensure your website is being seen by every device with web capabilities.

2. Step Up Your Social Media Game. So your business has an account on Twitter and Facebook. Are you doing enough to gain more followers and likes? Are you regularly posting updates or offers on your pages? Have you joined the 11 million American’s on Pinterest, or the nearly 200 million LinkedIn users? Did you know that increasing your reach on social media will increase your website traffic, and help drive sales?

3. Think Outside the Box. Is this the year you add online videos or a public relations campaign to your marketing efforts? Will you purchase some radio/TV advertising? You might even consider forming a new marketing partnership in 2013 to increase brand visibility, website traffic, and reduce marketing costs.

4. Out with the Old, In With the New. Have you done a recent SEO audit on your company’s website? It’s important to make sure your site is actually ranking for searches to determine if the content is relevant to what consumers are searching for. Does your company logo also need an update? What about those old promotional items or business cards?

5. Back to Basics. Despite all of the latest technology, there is strong evidence that direct mail marketing campaigns are still the number one way to reach consumers. In order stay fresh and current, you should add the latest elements such as coupon QR codes and personalized URLs.

What are you waiting for? 2013 is here, so don’t waste a minute letting the competition out-sell you. Let Einstein Marketing Group know how we can help with your New Year’s Marketing goals!

If you want more answers to your internet marketing questions, get in touch with Einstein Marketing Group today.

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Are your Facebook fans hiding your posts?

When businesses started jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, “winning” the game meant getting lots and lots of “likes” and fans. There were giveaways and contests aimed at increasing fan numbers, regardless of whether those fans fell within the company’s target audience/clientele. People begged their friends and cajoled their acquaintances into “liking” their company’s Facebook page. Those who were successful at reaping in hundreds of friends look pretty popular on Facebook. But numbers can be deceiving.

According to a recent numbers released by PageLever, a Facebook analytics tool, when people don’t like something you post, they are 60 times more likely to block all your posts and page stories than they are to unsubscribe to your page. That means that just because your Facebook page has a lot of fans, doesn’t mean all those people are seeing your posts. Many of them might never see your posts because they’ve purposely hidden you. To them, your content is not relevant to their lives, and might even be annoying.

So what can you do to make sure you’re not being hidden by fair-weather fans? It’s simple, really.

  1. Focus on quality, not quantity. Nobody on Facebook wants to be spammed with status updates that are thinly veiled advertisements. That will get you hidden in a heartbeat. Instead, post conversation-inducing thoughts, polls and questions, and plenty of photos.
  2. Don’t over-post. People grow weary of even friends who abuse Facebook with multiple posts per day. Unless you’re running a big contest or leading up to an event, hold your posts to about one a day.
  3. Find your brand voice and use it. Social media is a great place to express the personality behind your company. It’s expected for you to showcase not just what you do or sell, but who you are. So let your voice have some personality, and keep that voice consistent for all your social media marketing efforts.
  4. Experiment. Fans can tell if you’re not having fun or engaged with them. This medium is changing every day, so don’t be afraid to try new things, as long as they are in keeping with your brand and your mission.

Are you having trouble finding a voice for your social media marketing efforts? Einstein Marketing Group can help with your Internet marketing needs. Get in touch today!

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