Use those Summertime photos in your marketing

summer time marketing pictures


Posting pictures helps to humanize your brand and increases interest. People like pictures so post as many as you can…with or without clever descriptions

Here’s some Facebook photo stats provided by Kissmetrics that will blow your mind. Posts with pictures get:

  • 53% more likes
  • 104% more comments
  • 84% higher click-through rates

Are you having a creative block? Here’s our blog on what types of images are perfect for engaging your readers.

Shorter posts also get 63% more engagement

Remember that meaningful, self explanatory pictures are best, because our audience has limited attention spans. Readers appreciate a clever message that can be delivered quickly and tell us what we need to know without taking up too much of our time.

Summer is a time when everyone wants to think about relaxing, vacations, beaches, boundless energy, all- day fun and happiness.  Smartphone technology makes it possible for us to snap photos and share them in an instant. With that in mind, what types of photos would work well to help drive your summertime marketing promotions?

  • Picture of something  ice cold and refreshing during a heatwave
  • Pictures that can only be taken during the summer — i.e. a sunset over a 6-foot high corn stalks, a child splashing in a public fountain, traffic backed up at a highway beach exits, etc.
  • Ask your followers and fans to share THEIR summer time photos on your timelines.  People love to share their pics, and they love getting “likes” even more.

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Visual Trends in PR

lightbox imageHow many times have you been looking at something online or in a printed document and an image caught your attention and made you stop and read what was going on or what the image was about? How many times have you skipped something completely because it didn’t have an image to break up the words or because there just wasn’t anything to really catch your interest?

If you aren’t using visuals in your marketing and public relations, then, unfortunately, you are missing an opportunity to catch the attention of a potential customer.

We have become a visually stimulated society. Brighter images. Bigger images. Large numbers of images. We love them. Infographics on Pinterest are very popular because they sum up an entire topic and/or pages of research into a concise and often entertaining visual.

PR NEWS advises that using visuals in PR is a growing trend for 2015. In a recent article on their website, they state that press releases, which are usually free of images unless it is a business logo, will evolve to include visual content to be more stimulating. The same article also goes on to state that video budgets will increase in 2015 as professionals strive to get their message across in ways that are more visual, like educational and informative videos. Many marketing agencies are producing quick value-added videos and clips to help their businesses promote services and products.

Meltwater.com chimes in with their own take on using the visual in PR – specifically, social media PR. They advise that adding attractive, relevant and compelling images to your social media campaigns will increase your exposure. Think of the routine status update on Facebook. You could post that you were launching a new product, all-text, and possibly get a few likes. However, if you post a photo of the new product along with the text, interest will increase and you have the possibility of more likes. Photos in a newsfeed make people stop and look. Words… not so much.

If you are unsure as to how to boost your public relations presence using visuals, we can help. How many is too many? How do you pick the right image to convey a message? When and where do you use them?

Contact us and we will help you create a visually stunning public relations plan that will make heads turn.

Ask us about our special offer that will help boost your overall PR.

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Social Media That Generates the Most Leads

Social Media That Generates the Most Leads

When it comes to leads, you need to ask yourself – which is more important? Quality or quantity?

Lead generation is key and it’s about generating good quality, targeted leads rather than focusing on the volume of leads.

Using social media to generate leads has become crucial for businesses. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are the most utilized by businesses, and LinkedIn ranked the highest for lead generation based on an infographic produced by Smart Insights.

To be effective with social media, a business needs to treat it as a key part of its overall content marketing strategy. Social media becomes a place where high-value content is distributed.

Content needs to be entertaining, informative, and worthy. You want people to come back for more. Even more important, you want people to email or call you for your services.

Format and delivery method also matters. A brief entry and photo that works on Facebook may not necessarily work on LinkedIn, while an image you post to Google+ won’t necessarily go over well on Tumblr, and so on.

Do you want to offer specials via Facebook? Do you want to participate in group discussions on LinkedIn? Do you want to expand your circles on Google+?

Social Media

It may seem daunting to come up with exactly what you want and when you want it.

There is an art to promoting your business using your website, blog, newsletter and social media presence.

Einstein Marketing Group can help you identify the channels you wish to use and how often.

Contact us today to review your social media plan and see how we can help you draw in more leads and customers.


Let Einstein Marketing Group Make Your Blog Stand Out

We recently invited you to consider adding an e-newsletter to your communication repertoire in order to maximize lead potential.

Now, we want to discuss another opportunity – blogging.


Unless you’ve had social media blocked for the past five years or so, you’ve probably heard of blogging. It seems like everyone has one these days, and you should, too. It’s one of the easiest ways to draw in an audience, share your point of view, be “up to the minute” with product and service announcements and provide a lead-in to your e-newsletter or other publications.

A blog is more “user friendly” and uses language that may be less formal than other forms of communication and may appeal to clients who enjoy that kind of writing style. It also appeals to clients who may have a blog themselves and know how useful it is. Just like with your e-newsletter, you can use the blog to generate leads and potential clients.

Writing a blog post comes naturally to some and not so naturally to others. That’s where Einstein Marketing Group can help.

We can write the blog for you based on your marketing strategy and vision and then upload it to your site on your schedule. You can provide topics or enlist our help with generating topics for you.

Contact Einstein Marketing Group today to delve into the blogosphere.


Using Your Newsletter to Generate Leads

The visit counter on your website indicates that people are coming to your site; however, the number of clients and new customers are not increasing.

How do you get those people who stop by your site to become a consumer base for your business to tap into for future clients?

Your newsletter.

Since the invention of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, the newsletter is often overlooked as a tool for generating leads. Those avenues are not to be overlooked or ignored, but the newsletter is still a valuable source of information about your company, your products, your goals and your mission. It is an incredible tool for gathering names, email addresses and other contact information as well.

How many times have you read a newsletter and then entered your email address into the “Subscribe” box? You were someone’s lead. It’s that simple. It can be that simple for you as well.


Writing a newsletter may seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be. That’s where Einstein Marketing Group can help you.

We can write the newsletter for you, upload it to your site on your schedule and then perform the behind the scenes maintenance such as:

  • Tracking opens, views, opt-outs and bounces
  • Make follow up calls after each e-newsletter is sent
  • Include a coupon

Contact Einstein Marketing Group today to start tapping into a new pool of potential customers.



Facebook new algorithm stumps marketers

When Facebook rolled out their new algorithm earlier this year, many businesses (and people) were frustrated when they realized that certain updates were now essentially being “hidden” from their newsfeeds. This happened because as Facebook has gotten better at determining your “likes,” it now tweaks what you see, and don’t see.

This change was partially an effort to give you more of what (they think) you want, but also subtly their way of telling businesses they need to pay for boosts if they want their updates to be visible. After all, Facebook is a business and businesses like to make money. The downside to this is small businesses have lost a large chunk of their organic reach, making them almost invisible to their followers.

So, now what?

The only sure-fire method to get your updates seen is to bite the bullet and pay to boost. Social Media Examiner put out a great article  recommending when to boost or pay to advertise on Facebook.

Another trick that has been touted on the marketing blogs suggests that businesses utilize the new “Trending Topics” on the home page.

Facebook Trending Topics page

These are the most talked about subjects currently happening on Facebook, and chances are if you work them into your status updates then more people will see you. Incorporating relevant #hashtags with the trending topics will also boost visibility in Facebook SERPS.

Have you noticed a recent drop-off in organic reach? Is your business considering adding money to the marketing budget to pay for Facebook boosts? Let us know how your social media marketing strategy has changed given the recent updates.


Images that boost engagement

We have found that user engagement more than doubles when images are used on our client’s accounts.

Infographics, mobile uploads, and scenes from a business trip are just a few examples of attention grabbing pictures you can use to boost engagement on your social media pages. Check out our list below for more creative ideas!

1. Original Infographics
Your audience has a short attention span, so tell them a great informational story
quickly using pictures and graphics.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

2. Mobile Uploads
Scenes from a client’s TV shoots or hosted events are a great way to promote your brand
It also SHOWS your audience what you do instead of telling them.
6.19 2

6.19 3

3. Before & After
You know why shows on HGTV are so successful? Because people LOVE seeing an amazing transformation right before their eyes. That is why before-and-after pictures make amazing visuals.

6.19 4

Let us know if we can help you create even more original content.

Smart businesses deserve a genius marketing team. We’d like an opportunity to become yours.


Understanding Pinterest’s Success

With over 70 million users, it’s easy to see why marketers are still loving what Pinterest can do for their business. Many brands have enjoyed huge success using boards to pin and sell products.

EMG 6.11.14

So what makes Pinterest a great marketing tool? Simple: Images.Your audience LOVES pictures because of these key reasons:

• Social media posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without.
• 60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search results.
• Pictures express a product or idea quickly. Your audience has a cluttered screen, and pictures stand out among the monotony

If you aren’t already using Pinterest as a marketing tool, then what are you waiting for? Here are some ideas for getting started. To create a more detailed social media marketing plan, contact our pros today!


Captivating your audience with Infographics

It’s time to face the facts: Our social media feeds and inboxes are literally CLUTTERED with updates, ads, and other solicitations from every man, woman and business under the sun. If you want to quickly grab your audiences attention, you had better be prepared do it with less words and more pictures.

EMG 6.4.14

Marketing experts like to talk. But what all marketers need to know is that in 2014, it’s all about the visuals. An infographic is the perfectly simple way to add value to your online marketing campaigns by telling a story that easily catches your audience’s attention with few words, and bright colors and pleasing images.

So, what are infographics? They are innovative visualization marketing tools that allow you to display your content in a way that is attractive, interesting, simple, and easily understood. Studies show us that image is everything  when it comes to successful online marketing

Infographics are critical, especially if your online marketing goals include:

• Driving more traffic to your website
• Creating content that is more useful, unique, and shareable
• Capitalizing on the audience’s short-attention spans
• Increasing brand awareness
• Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry
• Increasing SEO

To find out how to get started on creating unique infographics that will tell the story of your products and brand, contact EMG today.

Are you wasting money on ineffective marketing campaigns? Einstein Marketing Group can solve that problem. Smart businesses deserve a genius marketing team. We’d like an opportunity to become yours.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Einstein Marketing Group is proud to be a successful business that operates because of several hard-working women who also happen to be MOMS. What better week to highlight the amazing women of the EMG team!

Our “About Us” page states:

 The foundation of all successful businesses is a solution to a problem. If marketed correctly, this solution can take you places you never imagined were possible.

Couldn’t our philosophy for business also be applied to the all-important job of being a Mom?

We asked our employees, “If a genie in a lamp could grant you three wishes this Mother’s Day, what would you ask for?”

Julie Taylor, Owner & President, and mother of one: 

·         Sleep!

·         Membership to a CSA

·         Day at the Spa

Kerry Weber, Director of Online Marketing, and mother of two:

·         Sleep!

·         For my kids to get along every single day for the rest of their lives

·         No more gray hairs

Lisa Zisko, Social Media Manager, and mother of one:

·         To have more than 24 hrs in a day

·         To remember beautiful memories more vividly

·         To get more sleep!

Clearly, our panel of working Moms would not be where they are today with the help of caffeine! So, what are you wishing for this Mother’s Day

Are you wasting money on ineffective marketing campaigns? Einstein Marketing Group can solve that problem. Smart businesses deserve a genius marketing team. We’d like an opportunity to become yours.

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