PR Ideas for a New Product Launch

product launchMost consumers expect a flood of new products in the fall, in preparation for Black Friday and the kick off of the holiday season. Marketing opportunities are around every corner, from traditional advertisements in the newspaper to infomercials on television. Planning for these new product launches begins months in advance.

As a business owner, you need to think outside the box when it comes to getting your share of attention in the midst of everyone else trying to get consumers’ attention.

Cision.com offers some tips for being a little more creative with your PR and marketing strategy for your new products or services.

Don’t overlook the impact of a trade show. Yes, you will be surrounded by other people with similar ideas, but it is the quickest way to get the attention of the largest number of people in one place without investing your entire advertising budget. Your audience will consist of reporters, bloggers, consumers, critics, buyers for large retailers, buyers for online marketplaces, and a whole host of other curiosity-seekers who may see your product and spread the word.

Create something consumers didn’t know they needed until they saw it. This comes with some trepidation as you don’t want to be the product that ends up in the close outs section of some store a year from now; however, if you can think of something so ingenious that people will wonder why they didn’t think of it, you have a foot in the door. You can create some buzz, some anticipation. People will be curious to try it out and you’ll get some valuable PR and advertising. If you can give away some free samples of the product and have product testers provide reviews of the item, you can feature real world feedback about the usefulness of the product.

Something Old. Something New. Maybe you are not in a position to develop a brand new risky product, hire testers and then collect feedback data. Perhaps your business just isn’t in the business to take a chance on risky innovative things. You can breathe new life into something that already exists.  Perhaps your business is selling men’s fashion ties. You may think that there is no way to re-launch that and get some new interest. Ties are ties. People either buy them or they don’t. But… what if you found another use for those ties in fashion? What if you featured a different demographic? What if you jazzed up your patterns and styles? Then, you could have a contest for the most creative non-tie use of the tie as a fashion accessory. Buzz created. Minimal risk and effort on your part.

Take advantage of the consumer’s interest in videos. Short, impactful, creative. People spend hours trending and hashtagging their favorite videos, which could be as short as a few seconds or as long as a few minutes, as long as you have something to say. Once upon a time, people waited until the Superbowl to see innovative commercials, but now, thanks to YouTube and other video hosting sites, you can search for new product videos all the time. People share fun videos. Aside from the production cost of the video, your advertising dollar can be stretched in ways you probably hadn’t thought of.

Think about rebranding. If the reaction to your products and services just aren’t catching the eye of the consumer, perhaps it’s time for a little bit of tweaking. A new logo. New colors. Updated website. Value added content on your website. A virtual storefront for your products. This can be a time-consuming endeavor and may require some capital, but if done right, the rewards in buzzworthy public relations and marketing will be worth it. “Have you seen the new site for XYZ? Amazing!”

We can help you think outside the box and think of ways to launch your products and services. We have proven success in helping others with Public Relations and can help you, too.

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Benefits of Public Relations

folded-newspaperWhether you are a small company or a large, well-known corporation, the number one way to get the word out about whom you are and what you do is through public relations. You may have an entire team dedicated to PR or maybe you’ve included it in your marketing plan. Either way, you know that it has value. By definition, it means establishing a relationship with the public – through advertising, press releases, marketing, word of mouth, online reviews, etc. A business needs some form of PR to flourish and grow.

According to Bitesize PR, there are several benefits to Public Relations.

Credibility. You want to be believable. You want to be trusted. Consumers are becoming less trusting and more skeptical about businesses. Advertising’s job is to sell. PR usually comes from free sources which lends to your credibility. A consumer is more apt to buy something that someone else gave an unsolicited 5 Star Review than something that is heavily advertised to be the greatest thing ever.

Target Market. We hear all the time in advertising and marketing that you need to know your audience. This is crucial with PR. Your PR plan can work with the right media sources to present your business and your products in front of the right people at the right time. If you are trying to launch a new financial product, buying advertising in a sports magazine may not be the best bet; however, having someone make an insightful statement about the benefits of your product during an economics or financial segment will earn you some attention.

Leads. Most small business owners do not have the time to canvass the neighborhood looking for consumers or calling people to spread the news about a new product. PR can help you gather some quick leads in a short period of time. A blurb about your new promotion shows up during the 6:00 news with information to call you, email you, visit your website, etc. People will remember that and jump on it. Even better if the media outlet also has a link on their website or social media feed. People can click and share. You get the leads.

Image. PR takes your business and puts it front and center for everyone to look at and admire. You do want to be seen and liked, right? A good PR program will create an image of your company and present it to the public. If your image is interesting and engaging, consumers will check you out. That’s a good thing.

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3 Ways Marketing Helps Sales Close the Deal


Your leads are as good as dead if Sales doesn’t have good marketing materials to aid them through the buying cycle. Having great content isn’t just needed during the first step for capturing leads, but it’s also key to earning the buyer’s trust and then ultimately their money.

Without the right materials, the sales funnel will look more like a dunce cap


A recent study published bySiriusDecisions
found that 70% of the buyer’s decision is already made before they engage with a salesperson.
That means your sales team needs quality content they can use at
every stage of the sales funnel, not just the beginning.


Not sure what marketing materials are best to provide at various stages of the buying cycle? Here’s our list of recommendations:



1.   Buying Cycle Stage: Awareness

Marketing Materials needed: Professionally written and designed brochures, presentations and proposals.


The Awareness stage is when Sales lets the buyer know know they have a solution to their problem. In order to eventually nurture the lead, Sales must have good leave-behinds that establish credibility with the buyer, and reinforce what makes your product/services exceptional.


2.      Buying Cycle Stage: Consideration

Marketing Materials Needed: Case Studies, Whitepapers


Buyers in the Consideration Stage are already aware of what they need to solve their problem, they just need evidence YOUR business has the answer. Since most buyers at this stage are conducting online searches, you should provide easy access Case Studies and downloadable white papers on your website that reinforce the message of how your products will help them.


3.      Buying Cycle Stage: Purchase

Marketing Materials Needed: Referrals, Testimonials


The customer needs to have a trusted relationship established with Sales in order to complete this step. That is where referrals and testimonials help. The evidence of previous successes and satisfied customers will trigger buyers into ultimately making a purchase.  It’s the proof buyers need to decide your product WILL solve their problem.



What Does Internet Sales Tax Law Mean for Small Businesses?

Last week, the US Senate passed the Marketplace Fairness Act. If it passes the House, the bill would require all businesses to collect state sales tax for online purchases. Since 1992, businesses have only been required to collect sales tax in states where they had a store or warehouse. Currently, 46 states collect sales tax and it is estimated those states lost out on $26 billion in uncollected revenue in 2012.

Proponents of the bill include large retailers, such as Target or Wal-Mart, who argue they have to charge 5-10% higher prices than smaller online retailers. Small businesses currently are not required to pay state sales tax where they don’t have a brick and mortar building. Small businesses owners feel the law will make it harder to compete with big companies, because they will have to increase their product prices in order to cover the sales taxes. Also, the new requirements could leave businesses open to be audited by 46 different states.

So, would an increase in online prices really hinder your customers’ shopping habits? Is having $0 sales tax part of your online marketing strategy? Perhaps not. Think about it: If price is a customer’s biggest concern, then why do most people not balk at paying shipping and handling fees? In fact, a 2007 Nielsen study found that 81% of people shop online because they can do it any time of day, not because of lower costs. The study also found people buy online to comparison shop, and because they can find things more easily.

Those opposed to the law are also speaking their mind on social media, with the hashtag “#NoNetTax” trending in the past week. Are you one of the voices speaking out against the bill? How will your small business be affected if the House passes the Marketplace Fairness Act? Would you consider lowering your annual sales to less than $1 million in order to be exempt? Or, will you look for ways to increase sales to cover the costs?


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Don’t Forget About Traditional Marketing

When it comes to your company marketing strategy and building brand awareness to increase sales, most experts today will talk about the importance of using new media: website development, social media, email marketing etc. However, it’s also important that you don’t forget about utilizing traditional marketing for your small business.

What exactly does that mean? Traditional marketing is advertising in these formats: television/radio, direct mail, print, or telephone. Examples of these would be ads printed in the yellow pages or billboards, brochures sent in the mail, telemarketing, sponsorships, or buying commercial airtime on a local radio/TV station.

There are still benefits to traditional marketing. First, smaller businesses with a limited budget can benefit most from advertising in local papers and sponsoring events. It’s a great way to build brand awareness in your local market, and establish a credible reputation.

Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of traditional marketing, but there are several ways to put a modern twist on it in 2013. Postcards or catalogues put in the mail today can now be printed to include QR coupon codes. Customers can scan these with their smartphones to get discounts, or just to find out more information about your products and services. It’s a great way to expand your online presence, and build brand loyalty. Customers like the ease of just having to press a button on their phone or tablet to get rewarded with exclusive discounts.

In today’s age of modern technology, traditional marketing should be utilized to complement your internet marketing strategies. For example, make sure to include your business website address and social media contact info in any print ads, brochures or commercial broadcast taglines. A radio or print ad could be what grabs the customer’s attention, but connecting with them online will help to establish a long-term relationship.

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Have a New Small Business? You Need to Market it!

It doesn’t matter how great your small business is.  If no one knows about it, you’re effectively dead in the water.  Case closed.

That’s why you need to market your small business to the hilt!  Fortunately, in our hyper-cyber era, you don’t have to spend all your pennies to do so.  Here are some great small business marketing ideas that you can implement quickly and on a shoestring budget:

1.  Get Yourself a Website       Just do it.  We’re serious.  It doesn’t even have to be an expensive process.  Choose your domain and get yourself out there.

2.  Okay… So You Don’t Want a Website… What about a Blog?                You’re avoiding our other suggestion.  We get it.  We really do.  You’re not ready for a website for your small business.  So start a blog.  Tonight.  Go to WordPress.org  or Blogger.com and begin to blog.  Talk about what you do, set up your page and go live.  Within an hour, you’ll at least have somewhere to direct people when they ask, “What’s your web address?”

3.  Get Out There and Network!                 You need to have human-to-human contact in order to make your small business known.  And that can come in the form of Chamber mixers, LinkedIn socials, Meet Up events and all sorts of inexpensive get togethers.  Heck, if you have a brick-and-mortar place, just set one up yourself and host it!

Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you deserve to make nothing!  Start your business off in the best possible way – market your small business to success!  If you’d like additional information on how to market your new small business, contact us.


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