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Social Media That Generates the Most Leads

Social Media That Generates the Most Leads

When it comes to leads, you need to ask yourself – which is more important? Quality or quantity?

Lead generation is key and it’s about generating good quality, targeted leads rather than focusing on the volume of leads.

Using social media to generate leads has become crucial for businesses. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are the most utilized by businesses, and LinkedIn ranked the highest for lead generation based on an infographic produced by Smart Insights.

To be effective with social media, a business needs to treat it as a key part of its overall content marketing strategy. Social media becomes a place where high-value content is distributed.

Content needs to be entertaining, informative, and worthy. You want people to come back for more. Even more important, you want people to email or call you for your services.

Format and delivery method also matters. A brief entry and photo that works on Facebook may not necessarily work on LinkedIn, while an image you post to Google+ won’t necessarily go over well on Tumblr, and so on.

Do you want to offer specials via Facebook? Do you want to participate in group discussions on LinkedIn? Do you want to expand your circles on Google+?

Social Media

It may seem daunting to come up with exactly what you want and when you want it.

There is an art to promoting your business using your website, blog, newsletter and social media presence.

Einstein Marketing Group can help you identify the channels you wish to use and how often.

Contact us today to review your social media plan and see how we can help you draw in more leads and customers.


Let Einstein Marketing Group Make Your Blog Stand Out

We recently invited you to consider adding an e-newsletter to your communication repertoire in order to maximize lead potential.

Now, we want to discuss another opportunity – blogging.


Unless you’ve had social media blocked for the past five years or so, you’ve probably heard of blogging. It seems like everyone has one these days, and you should, too. It’s one of the easiest ways to draw in an audience, share your point of view, be “up to the minute” with product and service announcements and provide a lead-in to your e-newsletter or other publications.

A blog is more “user friendly” and uses language that may be less formal than other forms of communication and may appeal to clients who enjoy that kind of writing style. It also appeals to clients who may have a blog themselves and know how useful it is. Just like with your e-newsletter, you can use the blog to generate leads and potential clients.

Writing a blog post comes naturally to some and not so naturally to others. That’s where Einstein Marketing Group can help.

We can write the blog for you based on your marketing strategy and vision and then upload it to your site on your schedule. You can provide topics or enlist our help with generating topics for you.

Contact Einstein Marketing Group today to delve into the blogosphere.


5 Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

maximize linkedin

Back to school means back to work! Gear up for fall networking events by ensuring you are using LinkedIn to your advantage.

1. Backdrop:
◦ Change your backdrop regularly to tie into a promotion or seasonal offering
◦ Add a headline – be sure to include a keyword

2. Summary:
◦ This should be your elevator pitch (why someone should choose you/your company)
◦ Always include a call-to-action
◦ If possible, add video

3. Work Description:
◦ Shouldn’t be a resume
◦ Use this area to talk about the company

4. Personal Note to Contacts:
◦ Customize a personal note instead of using a template

5. InMail:
◦ Instead of sending inmail to contact people you don’t know you can join a group they belong to and will be able to send them a message without using Inmail

If you’d like a free review of your LinkedIn profile, contact us today. We’re happy to help make 2014 the most profitable it can be!


Your LinkedIn Company Page Needs This…

Your LinkedIn Company Page is only as useful as the people who view it. We’ve already discussed what components you need to build a complete page. However, one key element you shouldn’t overlook happens to be one that you can’t write yourself: the customer recommendation.

Customer recommendations on LinkedIn are vital in establishing credibility within your industry. An honest and detailed testimonial from real clients will increase the likelihood of new buyers wanting your products or services.

It will also help increase your visibility & overall brand awareness because customer recommendations are shared with the author’s entire LinkedIn network. When satisfied clients attest to your company’s abilities, it gives someone with no knowledge of your reputation and services more insight into what your business can do well.

Ideally, your customer recommendations will be concise and honest. They shouldn’t sound too much like a publicist wrote them or it won’t come across as legitimate. Don’t worry if something isn’t grammatically perfect, because people relate more to a testimonial when it sounds more like spoken words.

The recommendations should also be specific to your products and services, instead of just saying, “This is a great company” and leaving it at that. Also, your recommendations should come from real people, not just an anonymous profile. This can look contrived and dishonest.

For this and more tips on why you need customer recommendations on your LinkedIn Company page, visit our website.

Coming next on the blog: How to request a recommendation for your LinkedIn Company Page

For this and more tips on how to improve your LinkedIn Company page and overall internet marketing strategy, contact Einstein Marketing Group today!

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How Online Reputation Management Affects Brand Awareness

With so many American’s wired to the internet 24/7 and everyone being on constant social overload, online reputation management has become more important than ever. For many businesses, trying to maintain their good name online is now becoming an integral part of their internet marketing strategy.

Companies are no longer limited to receiving feedback through their website or customer service departments. In 2013, information about your company’s services can be shared instantly on social media. Good or bad, it could become a hot topic of discussion for an audience of millions. Before your PR professionals even have time to blink an eye, there could be pictures, videos and scathing complaints that go viral in a matter of hours.

While, it’s unlikely a small business will be thrust into the spotlight because of poor online reviews, you should still be aware know how negative internet chatter can affect your reputation with present and future customers. There are several ways to approach customer complaints and online reputation management on a small budget:

First, you need to be on social media. Good or bad, people will talk about your business, so you need to have a channel where they can directly communicate with you on a 1-to-1. Don’t just troll the sites looking for mentions, but use them to also ask for feedback on products and services. It’s better to initiate the conversation because customers want to know that are always considering their needs.

You should also respond to any feedback given, good or bad. If someone leaves a negative review on Yelp or Twitter, then answer it. Apologize for whatever their bad experience might have been, and provide a solution or explanation for the complaint. Perhaps go even further, and ask for their personal contact info in a direct message if you need to send a coupon or refund as an apology. Likewise, if your company is praised for a product or service, make sure you thank the poster. Customers will appreciate seeing a human dialogue between you and the public. Remember to always answer your comments quickly, and in a polite manner.

If you have more questions about how to use social media for your company’s online reputation management, please contact Einstein Marketing Group today!


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Website Development: The Latest Trends in Web Design

Is now the time to consider re-designing your company website? . Let’s look at what the latest trends are in website development for 2013, and how you can implement them into your online marketing strategy:

Responsive Web Design:
Probably the most important website development trend this year and for several years to come. This technique allows your website to be viewed optimally, regardless if the user is on a phone, tablet or PC. Responsive web design allows flexibility and it makes your website automatically adapt and look great on all devices, regardless of screen size.

Social media buttons:
These buttons are primarily used for directing readers to your social media accounts, or to encourage them to share your content and drive more traffic to your website. Make sure the purpose of your social media buttons is clear in the design, so your viewers know if they are clicking to “like” something, or to “share” it. If you are worried about driving traffic away from your site, have the social media buttons open a separate window, so visitors are still able to come back to your website after “like”-ing or following your social media pages.

Simplicity & Minimalism:
Website trends in 2013 include designs that feature larger fonts, and more concentrated content. The rule of thumb now is the less clutter, the better. This makes your landing pages easier to understand and ensures viewers get directly to the point. Having too many words and graphics might seem overwhelming, and viewers are more likely to click away in seconds.

Content is King:
Changes in Google’s algorithms last year made is harder for websites to rank as a result of generic link-building tactics. Instead, search engines are now looking for quality content. Aside from keywords and your services, you need to invest in content marketing to make your site shine. So make sure your website offers only the best, most valuable, and useful information. Make your content versatile, in that your site offers video, social media links, email marketing, blogging, and perhaps podcasts. Keep sentences short, and make keywords bold.

If you want to discuss more design ideas, and inquire about our website development services,
contact Einstein Marketing Group today.



Is Your Public Relations Strategy From the Ice Age?

In an age of article submission directories, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, affiliate marketing and blogs, a press release in a printed newspaper seems almost quaint.

If you’re still clinging to traditional marketing methods to get the word out about your business or boost sales, it’s time to make a change.  To help you get started on a profitable path, we’re offering anyone from America or Canada a free  30-minute consultation via telephone.  Just leave a comment on this blog and I’ll get back to you via email to set up your appointment.

We  truly feel that most businesses don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to online opportunities.  In fact, we’ve had plenty of entrepreneurs and executives tell us that point-blank.  They know they aren’t maximizing their public relations dollars with a solid strategy, but they just aren’t sure where to begin.

Make sure you aren’t left behind.  Leave a comment right now and we’ll set up our FREE 30-minute discussion today!