Using Your Newsletter to Generate Leads

The visit counter on your website indicates that people are coming to your site; however, the number of clients and new customers are not increasing.

How do you get those people who stop by your site to become a consumer base for your business to tap into for future clients?

Your newsletter.

Since the invention of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, the newsletter is often overlooked as a tool for generating leads. Those avenues are not to be overlooked or ignored, but the newsletter is still a valuable source of information about your company, your products, your goals and your mission. It is an incredible tool for gathering names, email addresses and other contact information as well.

How many times have you read a newsletter and then entered your email address into the “Subscribe” box? You were someone’s lead. It’s that simple. It can be that simple for you as well.


Writing a newsletter may seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be. That’s where Einstein Marketing Group can help you.

We can write the newsletter for you, upload it to your site on your schedule and then perform the behind the scenes maintenance such as:

  • Tracking opens, views, opt-outs and bounces
  • Make follow up calls after each e-newsletter is sent
  • Include a coupon

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Email Marketing Series – Part I: What is the Perfect Subject Line?

In this two-part blog series, we will look at how to write the perfect email marketing subject line.

A subject line is the most important aspect of your email marketing campaign. It can be the difference between a sale, and being dumped in a “spam” bin. Email marketing service provider MailChimp says, “The best subject lines tell what’s inside, the worst subject lines sell what’s inside.”

So, what are some ways you can tell your subscriber what’s inside?

1. Ask a question. Identifying something your customer’s need is the best way to convince them to buy your service.

• Example: “Not sure what to buy Dad for Father’s Day? Let us show you”

2. Keep it Short. Subject lines that are too long have lower open and click through rates. Leave your readers wanting more by excluding the important details so they have to read the body of the email.

• Example: “Here’s a special gift just for our loyal shoppers”

3. Create a List. Readers crave knowledge and they want to get it quickly. So, preface the email with a subject that promises to provide a few easy steps of usable content. Make it so your recipient has to open and read more.

• Example: “3 Ways To Beef Up Retirement”

For more ideas on how to craft the perfect email subject line, subscribe to our blog RSS feed. Part II of this blog series will be posted later in the week.

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Einstein Marketing Group: Why You Need a Company Newsletter

A newsletter shouldn’t just be about advertising and trying just to sell something to your readers. It should also be about trying to build stronger relationships with clients and associates, and a way to enhance your reputation with them. Here are some ideas about what to consider when sending a company newsletter:

Out of sight, out of mind. A newsletter should keep you relevant and present with customers. You don’t want to spam readers, so your email list should include past customers and others you’ve done business with who have opted-in to receiving. You are already familiar to these groups, and the newsletter is a gentle way to remind them that you are still around and ready to do business.

Showcase unique properties only your business has to offer. What makes your business special? Presenting something of value to show your customers is what will make them remember you above all others. Have you won an award lately? Were you featured in a well-known publication? Do you have a big-name client who will endorse your work? Incorporating this into your newsletter content will make you stand out to your audience.

Build loyalty by offering deals with a purpose. You might consider including coupons for new products. Or perhaps, you include a “Thank You” coupon only available to newsletter subscribers for their loyalty to your brand. Your customers will appreciate being rewarded in some way for opting-in to your communications.

A newsletter will also enhance your SEO. Did you know archiving old newsletters on your website will help your business rank higher in searches? Also, adding links to your homepage and social media sites in the newsletter is another great way to boost overall SEO performance.

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