Personalized Marketing is Key

With such a focus on the use of automation in marketing, it can be easy to lose sight of your goal as a marketer: to build a relationship with your prospective customer in an effort to ultimately get them to buy.

Our digital environment is here to stay however; beware of relying too much on technology. While companies like Pandora are able to grow without ever talking to a live person, is this a realistic approach for your small or medium sized business?

Recently, HelpScout, released a report on the “personalization” of marketing. It revealed that 70% of final purchases are dictated by how a person feels they are being treated as a customer.

Are you making your customers feel special? If not, someone else will! In fact, this survey also showed 59% of people saying they would happily check out a new company if they thought they would get a better customer service experience.

This is where traditional marketing tools like testimonials, birthday cards and thank you notes really help not only personalize your marketing efforts but also work hand in hand with your digital efforts as well. Also, if you are using “no reply” emails, consider replacing with emails from a real person within your company.

All of these personalization tools will help your prospective customers feel comfortable choosing you as the business to solve their problems.


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Email Marketing DON’Ts

This month, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the importance of email marketing. Now that you’ve finally decided to begin using email as the next important element in your business marketing campaign, what are some mistakes to avoid?

First, don’t make your email look like spam. Studies show that readers are not fans of subjects that are personalized, nor those that include the word “free” (unless it’s talking about shipping) and anything typed in all caps. It makes the recipient skeptical. Plus, it cheapens your brand and your intentions.

Secondly, offer something useful. If your email doesn’t have a strong call-to-action or usable coupon, then it is probably pointless. The general population doesn’t have time for just informational emails about you, yourself, and your services. They want to know there is something in it for them, and you need to tell them why they need it.

Next, don’t forget to link back to your site. An email marketing campaign is only as good as the backlinks it generates to your landing pages. In other words, the leads you receive because people want to know more about your products and services. Without these links, you’ll have no idea what readers are interested in.

Lastly, make sure analyze everything. You have to be conscious of what content the readers are clicking on, what subjects get the most opens, and where the leads are coming from. If you are not tracking the data, then you are wasting your time. Email service providers can offer a plethora of information about what readers are doing with your emails. Your job is to use that knowledge and translate it into conversions.

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Marketing Promotions in the Wake of Tragedy

Last week, the country was gripped in fear and sadness from the events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing. In the wake of a disaster or tragedy, it’s not uncommon for businesses to offer marketing promotions or fundraisers as an opportunity to raise money and give back to those affected negatively by the events. Good deeds shouldn’t be performed just for the purpose of raising brand awareness, but they should be considered because you have resources or services at your disposal that can be used to give back to humanity in times of despair.

However, if you are running a last-minute marketing campaign inspired by a tragic event, make sure you choose appropriate copy so as not to offend those affected. Last week, a hair salon in Virginia had a thoughtful idea to raise money for the Boston marathon victims by offering a hair-drying fundraiser. However, given the short amount of time they had to devise and promote their charitable event, it seems they didn’t quite think through their email marketing campaign. The ad copy eventually went viral, as it read, “Come and show your support by booking a Boston Blowout…” Considering three lives were lost and over a hundred more gravely injured in the explosions, perhaps “blowout” was an extremely poor choice of a word. The salon has since pulled the ad from their social media page.

Another ad that rolled out last week was unfortunately just ill-timed. A Texas Groupon advertisement promoting a race called the “Run or Dye 5k” landed in email accounts just 48 hours after the bombings. Run or Dye 5k’s are popular races where runners are doused in powdered colors by spectators at every kilometer. Prior to the tragic events that occurred in Boston, the race’s name and Groupon verbiage were otherwise quite innocuous. However, even the most well-intentioned marketing ideas sometimes have to be reconsidered in the wake of a national tragedy.

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Website Development: Reducing Bounce Rate

Every business should have an understanding of how smart website development impacts marketing efforts. Have you’ve launched a company page, but then wondered what all of the analytics mean? How do you know if your site is good enough?

If you want to know how captivating your web content is, then you need take a close look at the bounce rate. This is the percentage of visitors who leave your site, or “bounce,” after visiting just one page. If your bounce rate is high – above 50% – that means almost every other person is leaving the site after reading just one page. If visitors are not clicking on any other content, then it’s likely they are missing out on key information about your products and services. Why is this happening and how can you improve it?

First, ask yourself if the site is user-friendly. Are pages taking too long to load, or are there any ill-timed pop-up ads? These are all things that make visitors click away immediately. Your readers want easy navigation, not to be annoyed by delays or distractions.

Secondly, look at the basic layout of your content. Are there links to other areas of your website at the top of your page, or just banner ads? Studies show that strategically placed internal links will keep readers on your website, but annoying ads will scare them away or even distract them to click off your site. So, be careful about where you place business content and external links.

Last but not least, is your message clear? Words should be easily read with legible fonts, good color contrast, and pleasing graphics. Viewers need to be able to find a clear purpose. If the readers are confused or cannot find what they came for, they will leave. Also, make your call-to-actions and subsequent links specific and enticing.

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10 Marketing Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make, part II

This is a continuation of our two-part series on marketing mistakes you cannot afford to make!

Marketing Mistake #6:  Getting stuck in a rut: If your website hasn’t had an ounce of redesign since 2002, it’s high time to get to work on it.  Same with your brochures, business cards, signage, etc.  The world has changed in the past 9 years… you’ll want to come along for the ride or risk being left behind.

Marketing Mistake #7:  Hating all new marketing tools:  We’ve seen this before and we’re sure you have, too – the business person who abhors anything new.  Rather than even trying something, he or she will berate it.  This is why some companies still have no web presences… and why many companies who had great products or services are no longer in existence.

Marketing Mistake #8:  Marketing materials that operate in bubbles and don’t cross-promote: Many businesses have a website that looks NOTHING like their business cards that look NOTHING like their brochures that look NOTHING like their billboard that…  Well, you get the point.  The problem?  There’s no cohesiveness in the organization’s marketing materials.  Everything is done in a “bubble” and no one bothers to talk.  This just makes for a scatter-shot approach… and an ineffective one at that.

Marketing Mistake #9:  Wanting results lickity-split: “Why isn’t our marketing working?”  We hear it over and over… and it’s usually during the first few weeks of a marketing campaign.  The truth is that marketing doesn’t work overnight.  It takes a while.  So sit back and relax; if you’ve done your homework, you’ll reap the rewards!

Marketing Mistake #10:  Not learning from your own mistakes:  And the final marketing mistake?  Not learning from your own mistakes, of course!  We all make them… and if we don’t use them as learning experiences, we’ll never see success!

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10 Marketing Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make, part I

Too many companies have made these marketing mistakes over the years… so there’s no reason that you should experience the pain of these types of errors!  Read over this list and repeat to yourself:  “I will NEVER do these!”

Marketing Mistake #1:  Not having a plan: This is a huge problem and one we see all the time.  Not having a marketing plan is like not having a map to a destination you’ve never seen before.  You know where you’re going but have no clue how to get there.  Think you’ll get lost?  We do.

Marketing Mistake #2:  Spending money on the wrong things:  It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement when someone tells you that you HAVE to get involved in one type of marketing or another.  But if you’re just constantly throwing money at marketing schemes that never seem to work… you basically are burning your cash.

Marketing Mistake #3:  Not spending enough money on the right things:  Just as some businesses spend too much money on things they don’t need, there are many businesses that will not spend enough on the marketing things that could help them.  If you’re a cheapskate, you may just find yourself looking for a job in the future instead of hiring others.

Marketing Mistake #4:  Trying to do it all:  You may not need a Twitter account.  You might not see a dime from a billboard campaign.  And radio?  Perhaps it’s not the best marketing tool for your company’s needs.  If you try to do it all, you’ll probably realize all-too-late that there were elements that could – and should – have been avoided.

Marketing Mistake #5:  Not listening to your audience: If your customer base hates your marketing methods, it’s not their fault that they “just don’t get it”… it’s your fault for not listening to them.  You really need to make sure that you are always keeping your clients in mind when determining what kinds of marketing to use.

Later this week, we’ll look at Marketing Mistakes #6-10…

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