PR Ideas for a New Product Launch

product launchMost consumers expect a flood of new products in the fall, in preparation for Black Friday and the kick off of the holiday season. Marketing opportunities are around every corner, from traditional advertisements in the newspaper to infomercials on television. Planning for these new product launches begins months in advance.

As a business owner, you need to think outside the box when it comes to getting your share of attention in the midst of everyone else trying to get consumers’ attention.

Cision.com offers some tips for being a little more creative with your PR and marketing strategy for your new products or services.

Don’t overlook the impact of a trade show. Yes, you will be surrounded by other people with similar ideas, but it is the quickest way to get the attention of the largest number of people in one place without investing your entire advertising budget. Your audience will consist of reporters, bloggers, consumers, critics, buyers for large retailers, buyers for online marketplaces, and a whole host of other curiosity-seekers who may see your product and spread the word.

Create something consumers didn’t know they needed until they saw it. This comes with some trepidation as you don’t want to be the product that ends up in the close outs section of some store a year from now; however, if you can think of something so ingenious that people will wonder why they didn’t think of it, you have a foot in the door. You can create some buzz, some anticipation. People will be curious to try it out and you’ll get some valuable PR and advertising. If you can give away some free samples of the product and have product testers provide reviews of the item, you can feature real world feedback about the usefulness of the product.

Something Old. Something New. Maybe you are not in a position to develop a brand new risky product, hire testers and then collect feedback data. Perhaps your business just isn’t in the business to take a chance on risky innovative things. You can breathe new life into something that already exists.  Perhaps your business is selling men’s fashion ties. You may think that there is no way to re-launch that and get some new interest. Ties are ties. People either buy them or they don’t. But… what if you found another use for those ties in fashion? What if you featured a different demographic? What if you jazzed up your patterns and styles? Then, you could have a contest for the most creative non-tie use of the tie as a fashion accessory. Buzz created. Minimal risk and effort on your part.

Take advantage of the consumer’s interest in videos. Short, impactful, creative. People spend hours trending and hashtagging their favorite videos, which could be as short as a few seconds or as long as a few minutes, as long as you have something to say. Once upon a time, people waited until the Superbowl to see innovative commercials, but now, thanks to YouTube and other video hosting sites, you can search for new product videos all the time. People share fun videos. Aside from the production cost of the video, your advertising dollar can be stretched in ways you probably hadn’t thought of.

Think about rebranding. If the reaction to your products and services just aren’t catching the eye of the consumer, perhaps it’s time for a little bit of tweaking. A new logo. New colors. Updated website. Value added content on your website. A virtual storefront for your products. This can be a time-consuming endeavor and may require some capital, but if done right, the rewards in buzzworthy public relations and marketing will be worth it. “Have you seen the new site for XYZ? Amazing!”

We can help you think outside the box and think of ways to launch your products and services. We have proven success in helping others with Public Relations and can help you, too.

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Personalized Marketing is Key

With such a focus on the use of automation in marketing, it can be easy to lose sight of your goal as a marketer: to build a relationship with your prospective customer in an effort to ultimately get them to buy.

Our digital environment is here to stay however; beware of relying too much on technology. While companies like Pandora are able to grow without ever talking to a live person, is this a realistic approach for your small or medium sized business?

Recently, HelpScout, released a report on the “personalization” of marketing. It revealed that 70% of final purchases are dictated by how a person feels they are being treated as a customer.

Are you making your customers feel special? If not, someone else will! In fact, this survey also showed 59% of people saying they would happily check out a new company if they thought they would get a better customer service experience.

This is where traditional marketing tools like testimonials, birthday cards and thank you notes really help not only personalize your marketing efforts but also work hand in hand with your digital efforts as well. Also, if you are using “no reply” emails, consider replacing with emails from a real person within your company.

All of these personalization tools will help your prospective customers feel comfortable choosing you as the business to solve their problems.


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Create a compelling partner package for your summer marketing campaign

summer marketing campaign partner package

This month, we’re talking about getting creative with your summer marketing campaigns. One way to boost sales in summer is to create an exciting partner package with another business that not only makes sense for your customers, but will benefit you both.

Here are some ideas:

1.)  Offering a discount to patrons of another local business

This means you partner with another business to offer an incentive to customers who buy from BOTH of you. For example, anyone with a receipt from the local water taxi or ferry service gets 25% off at your business. The incentive for your partner is that creates a unique selling proposition for buyers to purchase from them, and in return it generates a boost for your business.

2.)  Utilize a partner to get “Free” advertising

Let’s say your business spends a lot of money on goods from a high-profile vendor. Perhaps that vendor would be willing to let you advertise your product to their clients. For example, if a summer camp spends $1,000-a-week on hot dogs from a local deli during the month of August, perhaps the owner would be willing to post a camp banner advertisement in their restaurant year-round. After all, the deli stands to benefit from the continued success of the camp each summer, and the camp can always benefit from free ad space in a popular location.

3.)  Combine products with a partner to sell a package

It could also be beneficial to combine your products and services with those of another business to create a most unique selling proposition. So, for example if a restaurant partnered with nearby hotel or movie theater to create a “date night” package that can be marketed to couples. You can sell the grouped services and split the profits with the company you are partnered with.

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Is Your Marketing Team Keeping Secrets From Sales

In order for Sales & Marketing to form a profitable alliance, the need to communicate comes to certain critical areas of the business.

Critical Information About Leads
Marketing cannot just hand Sales a sheet of leads without offering as much detailed info about them. While some information might seem irrelevant to you when looking at the “big picture,” it could be critical for sales to know in order to make the sale. For example being able to offer details such:

• Is the lead a B2B or B2C?
• Are they located close by or out-of-state?
• Do we know their existing service provider?

In addition to lead demographics, sales could also benefit greatly from other important analytics that you are capturing through marketing efforts. For example, are visits to the website primarily done on mobile devices? Are there certain service pages that get more views than others by region?


What People Are Saying
If Marketing is responsible for having a dialogue with consumers on social media, then they need to let sales know what those conversations are about. Social media marketing is our best tool for having a two-way conversation with present and future customers. However, being on social media only works to drive business if the brand is good at both talking and listening. That’s why it’s critical for Marketers to share the comments, likes, and complains that come from conversing directly with the consumer about your brand.

Is your Sales and Marketing team discussing the most important topics of business? Are leads being clearly defined, and the customer’s feedback being heard? If you would like more information about improving the relationship between your Sales & Marketing team, don’t hesitate to contact us today!
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Giving Sales Some Much-Needed Love

Our goal this month is to provide information and resources on how to get Sales and Marketing to work hand-in-hand. Let’s face it, you need both of them to thrive — but they don’t always play well in the sandbox. We want to give you ideas on bringing the two together for the betterment of your business.

EMG 4-2-14

Here are some ways that Marketing can show Sales they understand what it takes to close a deal in 2014:

Include Sales in the Development Process

That is, at least some part of it – whether be a quarterly “Blue Sky” brainstorming meeting, or an end-of-fiscal-year mixer to review what worked and what didn’t. Sales doesn’t need to actually create your actual marketing plans and materials, but they want to know that their input will be heard and be given validity.

Provide Mobile-Friendly Content

You’ve heard it time and again that Sales needs better marketing materials in order be successful, but that rule doesn’t just apply to posters, brochures, and pens. Think outside the “traditional marketing” box, and let this be a rule-of-thumb for your online efforts as well. In order to help drive conversions in 2014, Sales must have mobile-friendly content. They need every single piece of online material to have readability on tablets and phones, they need user-friendly apps (if applicable), and they need social media pages to be current.

Make sure the Bag of Tricks is fully loaded

With so many added choices in today’s marketplace, Sales needs extra resources to help close a deal. If you give them an arsenal of updated materials– such as videos, promotional offers, case studies, customer testimonials, buyer demographics etc. it will help them to reinforce the value of your products over the buying cycle.