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Social Media That Generates the Most Leads

Social Media That Generates the Most Leads

When it comes to leads, you need to ask yourself – which is more important? Quality or quantity?

Lead generation is key and it’s about generating good quality, targeted leads rather than focusing on the volume of leads.

Using social media to generate leads has become crucial for businesses. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are the most utilized by businesses, and LinkedIn ranked the highest for lead generation based on an infographic produced by Smart Insights.

To be effective with social media, a business needs to treat it as a key part of its overall content marketing strategy. Social media becomes a place where high-value content is distributed.

Content needs to be entertaining, informative, and worthy. You want people to come back for more. Even more important, you want people to email or call you for your services.

Format and delivery method also matters. A brief entry and photo that works on Facebook may not necessarily work on LinkedIn, while an image you post to Google+ won’t necessarily go over well on Tumblr, and so on.

Do you want to offer specials via Facebook? Do you want to participate in group discussions on LinkedIn? Do you want to expand your circles on Google+?

Social Media

It may seem daunting to come up with exactly what you want and when you want it.

There is an art to promoting your business using your website, blog, newsletter and social media presence.

Einstein Marketing Group can help you identify the channels you wish to use and how often.

Contact us today to review your social media plan and see how we can help you draw in more leads and customers.


Let Einstein Marketing Group Make Your Blog Stand Out

We recently invited you to consider adding an e-newsletter to your communication repertoire in order to maximize lead potential.

Now, we want to discuss another opportunity – blogging.


Unless you’ve had social media blocked for the past five years or so, you’ve probably heard of blogging. It seems like everyone has one these days, and you should, too. It’s one of the easiest ways to draw in an audience, share your point of view, be “up to the minute” with product and service announcements and provide a lead-in to your e-newsletter or other publications.

A blog is more “user friendly” and uses language that may be less formal than other forms of communication and may appeal to clients who enjoy that kind of writing style. It also appeals to clients who may have a blog themselves and know how useful it is. Just like with your e-newsletter, you can use the blog to generate leads and potential clients.

Writing a blog post comes naturally to some and not so naturally to others. That’s where Einstein Marketing Group can help.

We can write the blog for you based on your marketing strategy and vision and then upload it to your site on your schedule. You can provide topics or enlist our help with generating topics for you.

Contact Einstein Marketing Group today to delve into the blogosphere.


Things Your Sales Team Wants to Say to You

Are you making things harder for Sales? Find out if you are creating more problems or work for them without even realizing.

EMG 4-15-14

You don’t understand “leads”
If your lead captures are not producing candidates who are even remotely close to buying, then you are doing your sales team a great disservice by wasting their time. Work together to establish a criteria of what constitutes a qualified lead, and then tailor the marketing efforts towards improving ways to capture them.

You don’t understand what I do
While Marketing pros are experts at crafting a company message, it’s Sales who communicates that message to buyers. However, this doesn’t mean Marketing should tell Sales how to do their job. It’s Marketing’s job to support sales by enhancing brand awareness within the marketplace, but it’s Sale’s job to pitch the product and convince buyers as to why they need it.

I wish you had told me about this
Nothing is worse than a Marketing initiative that hampers Sales. Even worse is one that Sales isn’t aware of. Make sure they know the goal for every email campaign, website update, social media effort etc.

If you would like to create a custom marketing plan that will give you a bigger ROI, then you must take a closer look at the needs of your sales team. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on the best ways to do this.

Smart businesses deserve a genius marketing team. We’d like an opportunity to become yours.


Elements of an Effective Marketing Message

Your marketing message will make or break your business. If currently you aren’t getting solid leads, then perhaps it’s time to look closely at what you’re saying to the customer — or rather, what you AREN’T saying to them.

Looking at your current marketing message, see if it measures up to these golden rules:

1. It’s not about YOU!
Your buyers don’t care what you think you know, or where you learned it. What they care about is how you’re going to help them. Make sure your message includes information pertaining to the customer’s needs.

2. Define your unique selling proposition (USP)
If you aren’t sure what makes you more special than your competitors, than buyers won’t either. Determine what sets you apart from the pack and then use that idea as the foundation to craft your message.

3. Solve a Problem
If your business can’t solve a problem, then customers will not be seeking you out. Your message should be specific, and let the buyer know how you intend to solve their problem.

Does your back hurt? Our beds are the most comfortable.
Are you hungry all the time? Our vitamin supplements curb appetites.
Do you need faster internet? Our service is the fastest and most inexpensive.
Is your current bank charging fees? We offer free checking.

Without the right pieces, your marketing message, your business will crumble

Without the right pieces, your marketing message, your business will crumble

Being able to craft the ideal marketing message won’t happen overnight. It might evolve from working with clients and listening to their needs, or from finding out why customers aren’t happy with your competitors.

Are you wasting money on ineffective marketing campaigns? Einstein Marketing Group can solve that problem. Smart businesses deserve a genius marketing team. We’d like an opportunity to become yours.

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What you Stand For Should Support Your Marketing Message

Earlier this year, CVS Caremark announced their pharmacies will no longer sell tobacco products beginning on October 1. President and CEO Larry Merlo said the sale of such items “Is inconsistent with our purpose – helping people on the better path to help.”

Much was made about how much revenue CVS Caremark is giving up – over $2 billion — but the decision fits perfectly in line with the company’s mission statement: “Our businesses help people on the path to better health”.

This is a perfect example of a marketing message being effectively reinforced through the values and beliefs of the company. With this decision, CVS is not only showing consumers how committed they are to their mission, but they are setting themselves apart from the competition to show you why they deserve your business. In other words: unlike their competitors, CVS really does care about your health.

Tobacco products are blamed for half-a-million deaths per year in the US, but not all pharmacies are ready to walk the walk. Walgreens’ slogan is, “At the corner of happy and healthy,” yet they still sell cigarettes.

Your values should serve to guide the ways in which you market your business.


Jet Blue is a company that prides itself on being the most “customer-centric” airline, and they support this message by consistently using social media as a brand-building tool. They were one of the first airlines to utilize YouTube as a quick way to offer an heartfelt mea culpa to scorned fliers, which just so happened to also be shared with a worldwide audience of potential customers.

Their mantra, “You above all” has been reinforced through quick and personal responses on social media, and unique marketing campaigns that focus on the many ways Jet Blue’s employees put customers first.

Their latest campaign slogan ”Air on the Side of Humanity” supports this same mantra by focusing more on how their exceptional treatment of customers is far and above all other airlines.

You must look closely at how your business practices and marketing initiatives back up your mission. Ask yourself these questions:
• Are you offering something that your competitors aren’t?
• Does your marketing message support your values, or are you contradicting your core principles?
• Is what you’re doing going to shape culture or improve the way something is done?
• Does your message put the customer first?
• What problem are your products and services fixing?

If you would like to talk with us about how to re-brand your business and marketing message to fit with your mission and values, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today, or visit our website at http://www.einsteinmg.com.


Are Social Media Lawsuits Going to Catch Fire?

The first Twitter defamation case ever to make it to trial is about to get underway, and many social media strategists are wondering how the outcome will impact the future of our industry.

While many similar libel cases have been filed, none have gone to trial…yet. But singer Courtney Love will become the first person to battle a Twitter defamation lawsuit in a court.

The lawsuit stems from an incident that occurred nearly four years ago, in which Love accused her former attorney of bribery via a tweet. In less than 140 characters, she tweeted the attorney’s full name and used language to suggest that he had been bribed to not represent her for a case. The tweet has since been deleted, but she’s still going to have to answer for it in front of a judge and jury.

Part of Love’s defense is that the tweet was only an opinion, and therefore should not be considered to be reputation damaging or slanderous by the definition of the law.

It will be interesting to see how this case unfolds for several reasons. Will the number of Love’s followers affect the decision of how slanderous a Tweet really can be? How will the courts rule if a person is considered Public or Private? What types of tweets will constitute defamation in the context of the law? How will the courts determine damages in cases where they find defamation has occurred?

Businesses and users of social media alike should watch this case closely to see how it affects the way in which we share our opinions on the web.

For this and more information about social media management, please contact Einstein Marketing Group today!