6 Ways to Boost Your Sales by 19%

A recent infographic published by MarketingProfs states: companies that are adept in personalized marketing see a 19% boost in sales.  I am sure you will agree that increasing sales by double digits sounds enticing. So, what can you do right now to accomplish this?

Prospecting Phase

Send all of your email messages from a real person, not a company.   Your emails (even the automated ones) should come from an actual person, not an “info@” or “marketing@” email address. In addition, consider adding his/her photo to the signature line.

Personalize your message.  Targeting your message to the audience helps to increase response rate. The first step in creating a targeted campaign is to segment your database. Segmentation could be by industry, job title or geography. Whatever you choose, use the language that particular person uses and identifies with.

Create targeted landing pages toward different segments.  Customize the language and message on your landing pages to address the specific need of that particular segment, and do this for each segment.

Appointment Phase:

Identify the prospects personality type.  Whether you use Dominance/Consciousness/Influence/Steady or Driver/Expressive/Analytical/Amiable, identifying the prospects personality type then crafting your sales pitch to mirror it helps to move the sales process along quicker.

Sell today, educate tomorrow.  Your goal is to find out why, and under what circumstances, the prospect would buy from you. Put your “educating” responsibilities to the side. Instead; consider starting your personalized message with a question in an effort to get the prospect to open up about the issues they are facing.

Send a hand written thank you note.  This is not an old fashioned technique! Sending a hand written thank you note to someone who made time in their schedule to meet with you gives your prospect another reason to think about you, your company and how you can solve his/her problems.


All of these personalization tools will help your prospective customers feel comfortable choosing you over your competition. If you are interested in learning how to implement any or all of the above, feel free to contact us: Julie@EinsteinMG.com or 267-879-9478.


Captivate your Audience with Personalized Marketing

Marketing MessageAs the amount of good (and free) content increases, the competition for audience attention increases. Therefore; producing great content isn’t enough anymore to create a lasting impression.

We’ve compiled three tried and true ways to help you connect with your audience by personalizing your marketing message.

  • Utilize Existing relationships:  Do you have a handful of people with whom you have a good working relationship? If so, link to their content and ask them to linkback to yours.


  • Respond to mentions:  Avoid using automation when responding to tweets. Remember, not all ‘mentions’ are positive so it’s important to be able to analyze the true meaning before responding.


  • Craft pitches to individual publications:  If you are trying to get your company’s name in the spotlight, be sure to customize your pitch based on the publication as well as the reporter. Don’t send mass/generic emails! Be sure all content is easy to read and conveys why the reporter should choose you as his/her source.



What steps does your company take to personalize their message? Share your best practices below!


Let Einstein Marketing Group Make Your Blog Stand Out

We recently invited you to consider adding an e-newsletter to your communication repertoire in order to maximize lead potential.

Now, we want to discuss another opportunity – blogging.


Unless you’ve had social media blocked for the past five years or so, you’ve probably heard of blogging. It seems like everyone has one these days, and you should, too. It’s one of the easiest ways to draw in an audience, share your point of view, be “up to the minute” with product and service announcements and provide a lead-in to your e-newsletter or other publications.

A blog is more “user friendly” and uses language that may be less formal than other forms of communication and may appeal to clients who enjoy that kind of writing style. It also appeals to clients who may have a blog themselves and know how useful it is. Just like with your e-newsletter, you can use the blog to generate leads and potential clients.

Writing a blog post comes naturally to some and not so naturally to others. That’s where Einstein Marketing Group can help.

We can write the blog for you based on your marketing strategy and vision and then upload it to your site on your schedule. You can provide topics or enlist our help with generating topics for you.

Contact Einstein Marketing Group today to delve into the blogosphere.


Struggling to Come Up with Blog Posts?

Most SEO experts know that a great way to make your websites improve in rankings is to write frequent blog posts. For those businesses who are struggling to come up with new topics every week, this is the blog for you.

First, if you have trouble brainstorming on new blog post ideas, try to simplify it by building your blog topics around these three subjects: lists, company info, or hot topics.

The Keys to Writing Good Blogs

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Lists are a great way to make referrals of products or give a step-by-step instruction on something. It will help establish your business as the experts in the field, and give you credibility with the clients. Your lists can be as detailed as “Top 10 Best Small Businesses on Social Media.” Or, you could write a short list, like the “Top 3 FAQ’s From Our Customers.”

Company Info blog posts are a great way to humanize your business and convey the culture of the workplace to your readers and potential customers. You could blog about exceptional employees or recent honorees of outstanding service awards. You could also highlight a company milestone or an anniversary. It’s also a great forum to introduce new products and services, or include a customer testimonial. Readers will enjoy the extra insight into your business.

Writing about hot topics is a way to make your business seem relevant in today’s times. Is there a topic trending on social media that relates to your products and services? Perhaps there have been recent events in the news that you can elaborate on because of the nature of your business. You could also blog about industry-related news stories, especially if it’s something people seem interested in reading more about.

Brainstorming on blog topics shouldn’t be painstaking. Keep your post topics interesting enough to spark an interest from readers, and just try to build on ideas where you are already an expert on the subject. Remember that your goal is to increase brand awareness, establish a rapport with your clients, and bring in new customers from the web.

If you would like more information about how blogs can help your internet marketing strategy, or to inquire about Einstein Marketing Group’s blog writing services, please contact us today!

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How Blogs Can Help Your Online Marketing Strategy

Are you currently maximizing the potential of your website blog? Did you know that a frequently updated blog is a very useful internet marketing tool? Keyword-dense blogs optimize SEO, which will drive traffic to your site and help to boost sales. If you only occasionally update blog posts and struggle to think of original ideas for content, then it might be time to consider outsourcing blog services.

A business blog is a great marketing tool because you are talking directly to you customers, and showing them that you are the expert in your field. This also helps to humanize your business. Frequently sharing information with clients about your products, services, and experiences is also a great way to build a loyal following. Your audience will also find your business to be more credible if the blog content is current and gets updated on a regular basis.

A blog also aids your social media marketing strategy because the content you post can be posted, tweeted, and linked across multiple accounts. If the posts are compelling enough, there’s a good chance they will be “shared”, “liked” and “re-tweeted,” which will only boost your overall website traffic.

Blogs are also a great forum for getting feedback from clients. You can pose questions to your audience and get their take on new products, services, or opinions on topics related to your field of business.

If you are interested in learning more about blog management, or want to know more about Einstein Marketing Group’s blog writing services contact us today!

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