Things Your Sales Team Wants to Say to You

Are you making things harder for Sales? Find out if you are creating more problems or work for them without even realizing.

EMG 4-15-14

You don’t understand “leads”
If your lead captures are not producing candidates who are even remotely close to buying, then you are doing your sales team a great disservice by wasting their time. Work together to establish a criteria of what constitutes a qualified lead, and then tailor the marketing efforts towards improving ways to capture them.

You don’t understand what I do
While Marketing pros are experts at crafting a company message, it’s Sales who communicates that message to buyers. However, this doesn’t mean Marketing should tell Sales how to do their job. It’s Marketing’s job to support sales by enhancing brand awareness within the marketplace, but it’s Sale’s job to pitch the product and convince buyers as to why they need it.

I wish you had told me about this
Nothing is worse than a Marketing initiative that hampers Sales. Even worse is one that Sales isn’t aware of. Make sure they know the goal for every email campaign, website update, social media effort etc.

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