Public Relations: Which press is good press?

Some business owners think any press is good press, as long as it’s not negative press. But that’s a naïve and scattered way to think about public relations. If your public relations strategy is to send out the exact same press release to any and all news organizations and outlets within a certain distance from your company’s home base every time you have a new product, service, award or special to announce, then you are wasting your time and resources as well as the time and resources of many of the recipients of those press releases.

The digital age has changed the media landscape and made it easier than ever to target your message to the people you want it to reach. But you need to understand the media market (and the many niches within it) in order to do that.

Also, you need to think about the needs of your readers when generating your message and your recipient list. Some people think that you must have established relationships with media to succeed in getting publicity. While this helps, it is just as important to generate stories that are interesting to readers of a specific paper, broadcast station or bloggers and other social media venues.

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